Surviving a Breakup: 7 Practical Steps to Healing and Recovery


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Navigating heartbreak can be emotionally challenging but the very pain that makes it such a challenge also presents an opportunity for healing, self-discovery, and growth. You can move towards a stronger and brighter future by taking proactive steps to prioritize yourself and your well-being. To begin your journey to relationship recovery, consider taking these seven practical steps:

practical steps to healing and recovery

1. Cut The Ties

If no children are involved, cutting ties with your ex can be beneficial, at least for now. Gather some removal quotes and leave your shared home, moving to a new place that can represent your fresh start. Unfollow them on all social media channels for the time being, and if you’re prone to late-night drunk texts, delete their number or find another way to put a barrier between you and those mortifying drunk calls or messages. You need this time and space to heal.

2. Stay Connected

Cut ties with your ex but boost connections with family and friends. Whether you need someone to dance away your sadness with or just a good old-fashioned shoulder to cry on, your circle means everything right now.

3. Set Boundaries

When prioritizing your emotional well-being, you must establish clear boundaries. It’s a form of self-protection, and it’s essential when it comes to your relationship with your ex. However, healthy boundaries should be carried through all of your relationships, helping you reduce stress by limiting the ways in which energy vampires can suck you dry.

4. Get Professional Support

Nearly 50% of Americans see seeking therapy as a sign of weakness. This genuinely tragic statistic signifies that around 50% of Americans are missing out on getting the help they need because of outdated opinions.

Therapy is an essential tool that can help you cope with the daily emotions of life. It becomes even more important when you’re dealing with the acute and complex emotions associated with significant life events like breakups.

Therapy is an exceptional tool to utilize when life is challenging. So consider giving it a chance. In doing so, you’ll give yourself the gift of a safe place to open up, vent your feelings, and receive guidance on processing what’s happening.

5. Practice Self-Compassion

A good 85% of people suffer from low self-esteem, and this can often become acutely worse during times of crisis. Be incredibly gentle with yourself so that you don’t spiral into negative self-talk as you transition into a single life. Practice affirmations of self-worth and positivity. It’s okay to feel down, but beating yourself up is never a good thing – you’re worthy, and you must remember that.

6. Explore Who You Are

Now is the ideal time for rediscovery and finding out who you are again. The most popular hobby in America is cooking or baking, but what do you love to do? Explore your interests, passions, and goals, and invest time into doing things simply for enjoyment. It’s time to rediscover your identity outside of the relationship. Being free to do this can be daunting but it’s also undeniably exciting.

7. Give It Time

Studies show that breakups may impact women more deeply, but in reality, everyone is different. It’s okay to take time and advisable to delay looking for love again. Give yourself the space to be sad, to work through your emotions, and to work on yourself for as long as you want.

“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.” – Oscar Wilde

Whether you start therapy or simply gain the strength to block your ex on Instagram, you’re going to be just fine. This breakup marks the end of something special but the start of a challenging but also bright and beautiful journey.


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