Top 6 Ways to Earn Rs. 10000 Daily Without Investment with Carrom Cash


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Carrom is a table top game of Indian origin that is loved by everyone. The game is very popular in South Asia and the Middle East and is known by different names in different languages. Many clubs and cafes in South Asia organize regular tournaments. Carrom is usually played by children and families in social functions and during their free time. Different standards and regulations exist in different areas.

Top 6 Ways to Earn Rs10000 Daily Without Investment with Carrom Cash

People also now prefer to play this wonderful game on online platforms such as Getmega, where they can compete in different competitions and also get the golden chance to win a huge amount of real money.

How is the Carrom game played?

The game of carrom is very easy to play; a minimum of two and a maximum of four players are required to play this game. If there are four players, then they can form a team of two among themselves or they can play alone. Inside a square board, white and black pieces are kept, apart from this there is a red-colored queen piece. Players of one team sit facing each other. Each player has to take one turn to hit the piece with the striker and put it in the pocket on the four corners of the carrom board and win the maximum number of pieces to score more points than the opposing team.

Tricks to win every Carrom cash game

Following are the tricks you can follow to win every carrom game:-

  • Avoid any distractions – Avoid any type of distractions as they damage your game and your chance of winning the game. Sit in a comfortable and quiet place, away from children and distractions.
  • Pocket the pieces – Try to pocket the pieces first so that you get the opportunity to play again. Try to pocket two or three pieces at once. If you do not pocket, the next player will get the chance to play.
  • Practice – Practice different techniques of shooting and pocket carrom pieces. Avoid moving to difficult to pocket pieces instead you should first try to pocket easy Carrom pieces. After that, you can surely move to pocket difficult Pieces.
  • Understand your opponent’s game – Whether it be any game, carrom or ludo, you should keep an eye on how your opponent is playing, what’s his/her style of Playing carrom game. Once you pocket your carrom pieces, put your opponent’s Carrom pieces in a difficult position.

Top 6 ways to earn Rs. 10000 daily without investment with carrom cash

  1. Refer and earn – Like other online games, you can also earn cash by referring the app with your friends or relatives, who also want to play or earn through Carrom games. To refer the game to someone, you can go to settings and you will get a link to invite your friends. You can now send this invitation link to your friends or relatives. If they register themselves in the app, you will get some amount of money for bringing a new player or user.
  2. Participate in carrom contest – If you are also someone who likes participating in competitions, this option is the best for you. You can register yourself in the carrom contest, where you will get different opponents to compete with. If you win the Carrom contest, you will get carrom cash and many more rewards.
  3. Watch advertisements – Do not skip advertisements, if you want to earn cash by investing a single Penny. You can watch at least five advertisements in a day to earn extra money through carrom games.
  4. Make winning strategies – Yes, you heard it right. Making strategies and techniques for any game plays a very important role in winning the game. You can watch tutorials, read blogs regarding the carrom game or you can also ask and learn through the experience of any other Carrom player whom you know.
  5. Avoid taking risks – If you are a beginner or have just started your journey of playing online cash games, do not invest a huge amount of money, avoid making this serious mistake. You should always invest smartly. First, you should try to gain experience, knowledge, and expertise in the game, then plan your investment and earn money through cash games.
  6. Plan striking techniques – You should learn striking techniques, at least you should know three to four techniques. You can practice in free carrom contests or games. You can also watch striking tutorials and read the experiences of players.


Everyone has a strong interest in playing games and they really love playing the game of carrom. In the era of the digital world, people have shifted their method of playing games to online modes. Playing the game of carrom on Getmega is one of the best decisions that one can make; as it allows the player to compete with their friends and family members and also gives a chance to win huge carrom cash by winning the games.


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