Fantasy Becomes Real: Earn Thousands Daily with Carrom Online Games


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Do you also like playing Carrom? We all have special memories of playing carrom games with friends and relatives. But, have you ever tried playing the game of carrom online? If not, you can try it now. You will love playing carrom online. Especially in these covid days, we all are suffering from stress, frustration, and boredom. It is the best time to try carrom online and overcome all these bad effects.

Fantasy Becomes Real: Earn Thousands Daily with Carrom Online Games

How to play a carrom game?

We can play carrom online by making a single, or double team. Firstly, the carrom board is thoroughly cleaned from inside. Its surface is smoothed by pouring powder on it. Now, we decorate the black and white coins in the middle of the board as the desired red colored piece (queen) is set in the middle of the circle made inside the carrom. Now we start the game. The player plays his game with the help of the striker.

The player strikes the piece and gets it by putting it in the hole. For each piece you get, you get one point. All pieces have a queen (red color). In this, if we want to take the queen coin, then first the queen and then another coin also has to be obtained.

Rules of carrom games

  • The striker is placed on the striker line, but the rule is that the striker should be kept touching both lines. If the striker is touching the same line, it is considered a foul.
  • No part of the hand or finger should touch the board when the striker hits. Otherwise, fouls happen. When hitting the striker, no finger or part of the hand should go beyond the mark of the arrow.
  • If at the end of the game there are three pieces left on the board – one black, one yellow and one red, then each player must first get the red piece. After the red piece, if he also gets the black or yellow piece, then the queen becomes his, otherwise, the red piece has to be put back.

How to earn thousands daily by playing carrom games online?

You can earn thousands daily by playing carrom online. Sounds interesting, right. You can follow the following tips:-

  • Refer and earn – Refer and earn is the best option for earning money. Firstly, open the app and you will have the option on the screen. Tap on the refer your friend button. Then, you have to share, refer or invite links with the friend or relative you want to share with. If your friend joins or logs into the app with your referral link, you will get some amount of money for this registration. Getmega offers attractive offers on referrals where you can earn a handsome amount.
  • Participate in carrom competitions – For joining the carom contest, contest first, download the carrom playing app from the play store referral link. After installation, click on the register button. You will be asked to enter your name, Email, Mobile number and email address with password. Now, verify the OTP with your registered mobile number or e-mail address. You will get an option or signup. You will get the option of playing and participating in Carrom competitions.
  • Follow winning strategies – If you want to earn money by playing carrom games online, it is possible only if you win more and more. You can follow winning strategies to win and earn. A few of them are sitting in a comfortable position, pocketing the pieces, putting the opponent’s pieces in difficult positions, learning more shooting styles, and practicing striking techniques.
  • Avoid taking risks – If you are a beginner, you should not invest a huge amount of money in the hope of getting back more money than you invested. Once you gain expertise and experience in the Carrom game, you can try now.

Useful tricks to ace carrom games

  • If you are the first to strike, you should hit the coins placed at the center of the board. If you fail, the next player will get the chance.
  • Do not forget to pocket and cover the coin, It will not work if you pocket all your coins without pocketing the queen.
  • Stricker should be placed inside the demarcated lines, it will be a foul and work as a positive point to your opponent.
  • You can pocket the coin only if you apply decent power with proper shooting techniques. Learn the techniques to avoid your opponent pocketing the carrom Coins. It can work if you have any coins left.


You can always have fun when you choose to play carrom online. But, are you also wondering about where you can play it? Don’t worry, we will help you. There are many mobile applications that allow playing Carrom online like Gamezy, Mpl, player pot and Getmega. Nowadays, it is very difficult to maintain privacy and safety while using such unknown apps. But, you can try Getmega, without worrying about such issues. It is completely safe and reliable. It also gives a chance to earn a huge amount of money just by playing games you love.


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