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Kali Pujo, also known as Shyama Puja, stands as one of the foremost festivals in Bengali tradition, which joins with the celebration of Bhai Phota. As Kali Puja approaches, various devotees are bustling with preparations to ensure this festival’s grandeur. And this year, it fortunately coincides with the festival of Diwali, which is observed on 12th November. But did you know that the Kali Puja celebration has extended beyond West Bengal? Yes, that’s right! Bengali communities across various corners of India and even abroad unite with unwavering enthusiasm to celebrate Kali Puja.

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Let us take you on a journey on the celebratory festival of Kali Puja in Silicon Valley of India- Bangalore. We will discuss the historical significance, Bengali sweets, and the must-try Bengali restaurants in Bangalore on this day. Read on.

Know The Historical Significance of Kali Puja 2023

Kali Puja, a cherished festival, originates from ancient Hindu mythology, where people honour Goddess Kali to seek her blessings and appease her anger. It was believed that Goddess Kali became furious with humans due to their immoral ways, and in her extreme anger, she set out to destroy the world. Her husband, Lord Shiva, attempted to stop her, but only when he laid in her path, and she inadvertently stepped on him; then she realized her mistake. This act of humility and guilt led to her retreat, and it symbolizes the essence of Kali Puja.

Over time, Kali Puja has become a vital part of Bengali culture, especially in West Bengal, where it is celebrated with great fervour. In Bangalore and other places with Bengali communities, it’s an occasion for families and friends to unite and celebrate. During Kali Puja, Bengali restaurants in Bangalore are a must to try authentic Bengali dishes. This tradition is believed to have been started by Raja Krishnachandra in the 18th century and is celebrated to this day. It’s a time when the taste of Bengal can be experienced even far from home.

What Foods to Offer as Bhog or Prasad to Goddess Kali Maa on Kali Puja 2023?

When preparing a Bhog or Prasad for Goddess Kali, it’s essential to choose offerings that align with her preferences. Kali Maa is traditionally pleased with simple yet flavorful dishes. Rice, lentils, and vegetables, prepared with devotion, are common offerings. Sweets like rice pudding (kheer) and coconut ladoos are also favored, symbolizing the sweetness of devotion. So, mishti (sweets) can be made based on personal preferences. Furthermore, red hibiscus flowers are a common offering, along with betel leaves and areca nuts. The key is to offer pure, vegetarian dishes without the use of garlic and onions, as these are believed to be disliked by the goddess.

If you are thinking of ordering good quality Mishti or Bengali sweets from any Bengali restaurant in Bangalore, here are the top 5 sweets that you can consider.


Payesh is a delightful Bengali-style kheer made with rice, and milk, and sweetened with sugar or jaggery. It’s infused with the flavors of cashew nuts, raisins, and the fragrant gobindobhog rice. A touch of ghee adds an aromatic dimension to this creamy dessert.


For Bongs, Sooji is their version of sooji ka halwa. The recipe is quite similar, but the halwa is allowed to set and solidify to the point where it can be cut into delightful barfi shapes, often resembling cake slices. Sooji is often served with luchi (puri) during special offerings.

Narkel Naru

Narkel Naru, similar to coconut laddoo, is crafted from freshly grated coconut, sugar or jaggery, milk, cardamom powder, and a touch of water. Naru boasts a firm outer shell and a soft, sweet inner core. Those made with jaggery can have a slightly sticky texture. When cut into diamond shapes, they are known as “takti.” This crunchy delight is an integral part of every Bengali festive celebration.


Sandesh is one of the simplest sweets to prepare and can also easily be found in any Bengali restaurant in Bangalore. It requires chenna (paneer), khoya, cardamom, dry fruits, and sugar or jaggery.


No Bengali celebration is truly complete without the beloved Rosogolla. This sweet delicacy is intertwined with the very culture of Bengal. Unleash your culinary skills with the homemade Rasgulla, or you can simply order the best from any Bengali restaurant in Bangalore.

Where to Find Authentic Bengali Food in Bangalore?

6 Ballygunge Place

This restaurant, located in Indiranagar, is a go-to destination for those seeking an authentic Bengali dining experience. The menu includes classics like Aloo Posto (potato cooked with poppy seeds), Kosha Mangsho (spicy mutton curry), and a range of delectable sweets like Rasgulla and Sandesh.

Oh! Calcutta

Located on St. Marks Road in the centre of the city, Oh! Calcutta offers a wide array of Bengali dishes in a charming setting. From their Hilsa fish preparations to Macher Jhol (fish curry), the menu is a treat for anyone craving the flavours of West Bengal.

Calcutta Kitchen

Located in Koramangala, this eatery is known for its homely and soul-satisfying Bengali dishes. Don’t miss their Luchi with Cholar Dal, a delightful combination of deep-fried bread with a sweet, creamy lentil curry.


If you’re in the mood for some Bengali street food, head to Esplanade in Whitefield. They serve Kathi Rolls, Puchka (pani puri), and a variety of snacks that will transport you straight to the bustling streets of Kolkata.

Bottom Line

Bengali food is a delightful and diverse culinary journey that caters to all taste preferences. Whether you crave sweetness, savouriness, spiciness, or tanginess, Bengali dishes have something to satisfy your palate. You’ll discover a wealth of excellent Bengali restaurants in Bangalore to explore, with options that align with both your budget and personal taste. If you’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing the best food in Bangalore or are feeling homesick and want to try in the “Garden City”, we wholeheartedly encourage you to give it a try and download the Swiggy app. Here you can sit back, relax, and order your favorite Bengali dishes and enjoy the swift delivery at your doorsteps within minutes. So, don’t miss this opportunity to embark on a delicious adventure with Swiggy!


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