7 Reasons Why Music Should Be Free For All To Enjoy



It is not just a form of entertainment; it is like medication or meditation for all music lovers. Even music artists also consider creating music as their therapeutic need. But when you are putting a price tag on it, it becomes inaccessible for many.

7 Reasons Why Music Should Be Free For All To Enjoy

However, when you can access the pirate bay, you can always enjoy every type of music for free. Still, there is a debate still going on with the paid access to music pieces.

7 Reasons Why Music Should Be Free For All To Enjoy

Here are some reasons why we or many of us think that music should be free for all to enjoy.

Record Label Demands Too Much Money

Record labels already have enough money and are also making too much money anyway. However, they always put some restrictions on the availability of the music. They demand a considerable amount of money in order to give accessibility.

We are not talking about everyone, but most of us can not afford to spend that money on a music album or the paid subscription of it.

Musicians Are Already Getting Paid More

The musicians are already getting paid for recording the music. Apart from that, from several events and other ways, they are able to make enough money for their living. So, all the record companies can save the excuse that they need the money for the musicians.

When the musicians are already having enough money, there is no point in looting more money from the ones who actually praise their art pieces.

The Music Industry Is Really Slow And Partially Broken

Believe it or not, the music industry is actually too slow to be considered as moving or going forward. We can say that the industry is partially broken. The reason behind it is not that they are making music cheaper, they are actually making it expensive.

The music companies are not getting money from their sales, it works a little differently, and everything is about popularity. If they make ai music free, more people will start listening to them, and they can earn several amounts from their partnering brands.

Rockstar Should Live Longer

The music musicians make like their babies. We, humans, come with an expiry date. The only certainty we have is that we all are going to die one day. However, artists and musicians can actually live longer through their music pieces.

When a musician creates a nice piece of music, people start loving it, and they continue to listen to it for a longer time. Every Time they listen to the music, they remember about the musician, and in the listener’s heart, they stay alive for longer.

Most Of The Musicians Do Not Thing Pirated Should Be Illegal

If you think that all the musicians oppose the whole pirated thing, you are wrong. When you are buying a music album, you are not paying the musician; you are actually paying the record company.

In fact, around 60% of the musicians of the world, which is more than half of the musicians’ group, believe that pirating should not be illegal at all.

Most People Are Already Getting It For Free Anyway

Technology is advancing, and we humans are becoming smarter with the help of the latest technologies. Whenever we encounter any problem, we have learned to solve them using our brains and the technologies we have.

Right now, when music is not free at all, we are still enjoying and listening to every kind of music for free, as we have torrent sites. When major countries banned torrent sites, we developed VPN to access them. So, we will always find a solution no matter what.

Music Should Be Accessible For All

Music is not just a form of entertainment; it is like a quick escape for us. Music works as a therapeutic solution to enhance our mood, relieve our mental stress, and heal our souls. Everyone should get these therapeutic advantages of music for healthy and better living.

That is why it should be accessible for all. The only way of making music accessible for all is by making it free for all.

Final Verdict

We frankly think record companies have several other ways to make money other than putting some big changes on the art pieces or music pieces. Those fine pieces of art should be praised by all not to be sold only for money.


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