Career Paths that can be Pursued by the Humanities Majors


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Selecting a career after college is quite stressful; let alone the right career. Students are usually clueless regarding what to pursue professionally, especially the ones who did not bother to take internships and explore their interests and options. It is easier for the people who have studied medical because then they do not have many options other than becoming a doctor. Similarly, engineers cannot really change their fields casually and only branches of engineering only can be tested by them. However, the most problematic phase is for the students belonging to commerce or humanities majors.

Career Paths that can be Pursued by the Humanities Majors

Any student from humanities majors can easily get in multiple different jobs since there is no specification included in their studies. If you are humanities major, following are some of the options that can be considered for pursuing your career.


The job of a teacher is said to be a noble profession because the teacher transfers their knowledge into students and also prepares new generation to face the adversity of world. Humanities majors can get into the profession of teaching especially if they have always enjoyed teaching their younger siblings and cousins.

Technical writer

The title of the job looks dry and slow paced, but that is not the case. Once you step in the world of content writing, you would realize how much there is to explore in the field of technical writing. All the content available on the internet comprising both the articles and the website content is written by the technical writers that the companies hire. The salary packages are also quite good in this field. Furthermore, if you are not great at technical writing concerning SEO, then you can also work to provide assignment help UK by being a writer.

Event planner and organizer

Event management is very interesting job and easily suitable for humanities major. An event planner does not require any sort of degree or diploma, all they require is creativity and a vision. If you are good at it, you can become an event manager quite easily.

Student/career counselor

A counselor is required in all the secondary and high schools. In fact, in colleges and universities as well. These are student and career counselors which help the students to sort out their issues with the help of the right supervision.

Travel agent

The job duties of a travel agent include planning and executing a trip according to the preferences of the concerned person and also keeping the budget in mind. If you are good at planning and execution of the trips and tours, and you are humanities major, then you can easily become a travel agent for people. The trips could be of different types such as romantic, fun, adventurous, informational, and simply exploring. You must be good at researching t find the right places according to the type of the trip and also for being able to find the right vendors to adjust different budgets of people.

Proofreader and editor

If you are proficient at a certain language, proofreading and editing is your kind of job. You can start working as a proofreader and editor at any firm where there is content writing included in the part of work. Proofreading and editing is an important task especially in the firms where written content is created in bulk on a daily basis.

Public relations management

Public relations management is a relatively newer field in the market. To become a public relations manager you need to have strong reading, writing, communication, and inter-personal skills in order to fully understand the opposite party. As the title suggests, the manager is supposed to communicate with the people and clients outside the organization and manage the relations of the firm with the outside world.

Advertising sales agent

Most of the sales jobs can be achieved simply through the diploma. However, a lot of firms have started demanding degrees and humanities major can easily serve as a sales agent in the advertising department. A sales agent must have strong communication and convincing skills in order to make the sale and bring conversions. If you have strong communication skills with power of convincing as well, then you can easily become a sales agent.

Choosing a career path is not an easy task and students suffer a lot after college. While most of the educational fields make it quite simple to select the career path some of them make it hard as well. If you are humanities major, discussed above are some of the options that you can consider to pursue as a career. These professions and jobs pay quite well and you can make a great living out of it. Explore your options now easily!


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