Why Writing is Important For Your Catharsis


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If you have some experience in writing, then you would understand how great it feels to write about things that you love. Sadly, there are certain limits that a writer has to face when it comes to writing whatever they want to write.

Why Writing is Important For Your Catharsis

More often than not, you are not allowed to exercise your right to freedom of expression. Therefore, it becomes challenging to do catharsis of your raw thoughts through writing. However, being an anonymous writer can solve this problem. Here’s how you can do your catharsis through writing about your thoughts anonymously:

Write Without the Fear of People Judging You

Whenever you think about channeling your feelings through your pen, you always fear that people might judge you as a writer without understanding your intentions. It hinders your process of catharsis that you want to do by writing your heart out and feel better. Anonymity provides you a cover that allows you to express your true self and feelings without being a target of people’s judgments. You can do character development of your story without any fear of people judging you.

Forget About Engaging With People about You Feel

Whenever you write about something that helps you relax or that offers you inner peace of mind, people intervene after reading it. They ask you questions like, “where is this coming from?” or “Why are you saying the things?” It is not always easy to answer such sort of questions because you are writing just for the sake of it, and you don’t want people to dig deep into your thought process. In such cases, being anonymous and writing about feelings is a great option.

Spread Your Message without any Direct Backlash

Sometimes, your thoughts and your ideas can be disturbing for some people. They come at you with all the hate they have without understanding your intentions and thought process. So, if you are not ready to face that kind of backlash and still want to write because it helps you relax, then a pen name is your ultimate solution.


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