Guideline of Applying For a Mortgage by First Time Buyers


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Buying a home might seem a daunting task. A number of factors need to be considered by the home owners while buying a new asset. For the first timers, it is very natural to be anxious about the process that are involved in buying a house. However, there are few tips that you can follow, which makes this process easy. An informed buyer always find the steps of buying a house smooth and less time consuming. You need to initiate the process by considering your long term goal and how the plan of buying a home fits it. Often it has been noticed that prospective owners want to convert the monthly rents to a constructive mortgage payment by purchasing a property.

Guideline of Applying For a Mortgage by First Time Buyers

Shop for loans

After choosing a home of your choice, you need to calculate the finances that are required to own the property. Gamut of finance companies, brokers, bankers and lenders provide mortgages to the potential home-owners. It might seem to be painstaking to compare the rates of each of these mortgages, but it is an unavoidable part of the process. To guide you through the process, you can seek help from financial planners, mortgage broker, agents of real estates and various other lenders. Make sure that the mortgage payment fits in your financial plans well. It is essential to have a clear view of your financial condition, prior to the initiation of the process. You can apply for a credit report from the credit bureaus and make sure that data mentioned is accurate. If you detect any discrepancy, then get is corrected soon.

Determinants of setting the limit

To qualify for a loan, you need to provide the lender with information regarding your present financial condition, that includes incomes, liabilities and assets. On the basis of this information, the lender can determine the limit of mortgage that you are eligible. If you are denied the money, then do not be disheartened as it might give you an insight regarding the money that you are eligible to get as a mortgage. Often the pre-qualifying round is an informal one. However the next stage that is the pre-approval one is more of a formal process. Credit reports, information related to your employment and income are thoroughly assessed to analyze your capability to qualify for a mortgage. More information is available on this topic at

Types of lenders

A pre-approval certificate or letter from the lender strengthens your chances of buying a house. As the sellers of the property encourage those with this letter, as it shows the buyer capability of buying a house. While applying for a loan, you can take help of two types of lenders. First the mortgage brokers such as Mortgage Company Long Island and second the direct lenders. Each of these have their set of pro and cons, depending upon your priorities and budgets, you can choose the one that will suffice your need. The actual cost of the loan is often affected by the fee of the broker, penalties for late payment, loan term, fee for credit report, application fee and many other factors. If the low rate of interest of a loan seems to be alluring, then make it sure that you assess the above mentioned factors.

Documentation for application

Applying for a loan is easy, you need to gather the required documents to prove your statement of the application. These applications ask for documents related to your employment, assets, tenure of your job, details of your assets and liabilities like different loans, mortgages and debt on credit cards. However, if you have a bad credit report, then also you will be eligible for a loan.


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