How to Choose Colors for Your Exterior Painting


Being a homeowner, you get the privilege to add touchups to your home, whenever you want. You can transform your house in a few touches without making big efforts. Whereas when you rent an apartment, you are not comfortable in doing so may be due to the restrictions applied by the homeowner or other reasons.

How to Choose Colors for Your Exterior Painting

When you wish to put a personal stamp on your home décor, the only prominent mean you have is to paint the house with the colors you want to see. When you contact the professionals, there is an array of colors for you to choose for your exterior or interior house. From bright yellow to browns, whites, pastels and many more, you can choose the one you want to see on your house. A bright color can uplift your home like nothing else.

So, when it comes to lifting the outlook of a house, nothing is better than painting the exterior walls with the best color. Here are a few tips on selecting the color for your exterior walls. Before your SPOKANE VALLEY exterior painting contractor begin the task, ensure that you both have considered the weather conditions.

Choosing Quality:-

Exterior walls have to bear all sort of weather conditions. From bright sun to heavy rain, storm and everything, directly affect the walls and the color often fades. That is why we recommend you choosing high-quality paints for your exterior walls so that you do not have to go through the process again and again. Give enough time on selecting the paint for your exterior walls so that you can protect the walls from chipping and fading. Do not cut the corners and choose a low-quality product as it will eventually cause you high expense later.

Colors That Stand Out:-

The next step is to choose the color that stands out and make your building prominent among the others. Well, when you talk to the contractor about the color, you will get a wide range that makes the decision difficult. The key factor of choosing the color is to select the one that goes adjacent to the scheme you already have in your home. If you have a blue color inside your house, for example, it will not be a great idea to have white strips on the outside as they won’t go adjacent to the color scheme you already have. For the best results, you should go for brighter colors which appears less affected with the weather conditions.

Choosing the Right Accent:-

When choosing the colors for your exterior house paint, you have to play with the complementary colors to get the best results. The complementary colors will uplift the beauty of each other for example blues and green are two different shades, but they make the best combination. If you are living in the area where the sun shines high, shades of blue will work the best, whereas they are not preferable in the areas with the dark weather.

There are other options too available such as royal purple and pastels, depending on your personal choices. The best thing you can with your exterior renovations is to get it a professional painter so that can get the best results and the paint stays for a longer time.


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