Best Apps of English Speaking Course for Housewife


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English is a second communication language for Indians. Proficiency in listening, speaking, writing, and reading skills has become unavoidable due to the constant use of the language in schools, colleges, homes, and offices.

Best Apps of English Speaking Course for Housewife

However, finding the right app for learning English has become equally challenging. But, we have separated five of the best apps to learn the language.

5 Best Apps for English Speaking Course for Housewife

• Simpli English

Simpli English apps consist of IELTS, spoken English, and public speaking courses. The institution has more than forty-five experienced tutors. The teachers provide online classes and pay attention to you.

The best advantage of an English-speaking course through Simpli English is that your lesson plan is customized based on aptitude tests, and doubts are cleared during the session. Moreover, the trainers provide leniency with the class timings and options for pre-scheduled holidays.

• Duolingo

Another app trending in the English-speaking domain is Duolingo. It consists of twenty-four languages, including English. The vocabulary and grammar lessons are disguised as games. Moreover, the lessons are bite-sized and become easier to learn even for new users.

Unfortunately, you won’t receive personalized guidance through tutors. So, the app consists of a drawback but provides a platform for homemakers to learn spoken English while playing games. So, the app engages new users constantly and keeps the mind of the user activity.

• Lingo Blabla

A one-stop solution to finding a new English-speaking partner across the globe is Lingo Blabla. The app helps in enhancing grammar skills. However, the English-speaking partners may or may not have proficiency in the language. Moreover, they may not be native English speakers and might be in the learning phase.

Another drawback is that the speaker would have a different English-speaking accent. So, the pronunciation, tone, pitch, and fluency may differ. However, users can connect with new English-speaking partners and choose a person based on preferences.

• Speaky

Like an interactive domain, the Speaky app allows people to connect across 180 countries in more than 110 languages. You can connect with the online community of people with passions and interests.

The advantage of this free app is that it doesn’t have ads and offers robust filtering for searching for the right partner. The fully dedicated environment offers a chance to connect through a web browser. But, you can’t use the voice or video feature through the app. It is only available for web users.

• HiNative

The HiNative app is more like a Q&A forum for English language learners. It supports quick translations, vocabulary, and pronunciation. The app is for people preparing English for an international exam like IELTS, TOEFL, CAE, etc.

The app is also beneficial for people that want to learn the correct terms, clear doubts, or receive a quick answer. Once again, the gigantic community of users might not have English language certifications. It is the most helpful app for students and housewives.

These five apps can be helpful for new English language learners, especially housewives and children.


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