Temp Agency Portland: Where to Find the Best Services?


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Do you want to improve the company’s efficiency in Portland but not hire permanent employees and reduce the cost of paying taxes? Temp Agencies help you to find the workers with the necessary qualifications and work experience.

Temporary staff is an excellent way out for companies that are faced with the need to solve certain production tasks not constantly, but from time to time. This may be due to seasonality or the characteristics of the production cycle. In order not to pay for the downtime of full-time employees and not to waste time on periodic search and selection of temporary personnel on your own, it is worth choosing outsourcing services and ordering temporary personnel from the agency. Based on your requirements and personal wishes, they select employees. Such specialists are required in industrial, trade, advertising, manufacturing spheres of activity.

Temp Agency Portland: Where to Find the Best Services

Before discussing how to find the best Temp Agency Portland, let’s discuss why they are needed and their benefits.

Why are Temp Agencies required?

Temporary workers are required for three main reasons:

  1. When it is not profitable for the employer to keep employees in the office permanently
  2. If you need specialists to do additional work
  3. When the demand for certain goods increases (if the business is seasonal).

The benefits of such a service

More and more companies are starting to abandon traditional personnel management, transferring a number of their responsibilities to outstaffing companies. Such popularity of external personnel management lies in its advantages:

Cost Savings

While many think that such a service will cost a lot, it can significantly reduce the company’s costs. If you are independently engaged in the search, recruitment, and management of temporary employees, then you need to pay wages for an HR specialist, accountant, and manager. By leasing staff, you save yourself all this;

Lack Of New Staff Members

Since there will be no labor relations between the employer and employees, the number of your employees will not grow. So you can continue to use the simplified taxation system;


Finding a full-time specialist is a rather long task. If you urgently need to complete a certain project, then with us you will find a wide base of multidisciplinary employees, thanks to which they can quickly start the necessary task;

Complex solution of the problem

You will not need to think about how to find staff, manage them, and also motivate them. An intermediary company will do all this. All that remains for you is to clearly formulate the business task and then wait for the result

No Downtime

If your staff member gets sick, or he urgently needs to leave for a few days, the outsourcing company will be able to provide him with a replacement;

Reducing Risks

Incorrect management of personnel documentation, payment of taxes, and wages not on time, labor disputes – you can get rid of all this thanks to the personnel rental service. All checks, penalties, and communication with government agencies will become the personnel company’s task.

Where is the best place to find Temp Agency Portland

It is worth noting that you need to carefully approach the choice of a contractor who can provide you with temporary employees to perform a specific task. One of these proven companies is the temporary staff agency, Scion Staffing. You must select them because:

  • The company has been operating in this market for many years of experience. During this period, a lot of companies have hired their staff from here.
  • Scion Staffing Portland is a large base of specialists who are well versed in various fields;
  • It has an individual approach to each client. All employers who have applied to this company are assigned a personal curator who will control a specific project;
  • Only verified employees are available here. They offer rental of qualified specialists;
  • By contacting them, you can quickly hire temporary staff to solve the problem of any nature.

Bottom Line

Now you know the reasons and benefits of hiring a temporary with the help of a temp agency. You can take the services of Scion Staffing; they are providing the best services in Portland. Take their services and free yourself from the exhausting task of collecting resumes and conducting interviews.


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