Smile Makeover: Most Famous And Sought-after Procedures In Cosmetic Dentistry


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A person is very often concerned about how he/she looks, dresses and presents himself/herself. This mainly depends on the choices one makes, and some can be modified or improved to enhance one’s behavioural presentation. Confidence, one of the major qualities that enhances a person’s overall efficiency and performance, is proportionally dependent on how one presents oneself. The importance of the perfect smile has been romanticised centuries for centuries and is now accessible through Cosmetic dentistry. Colloquially it is also known as Smile Makeover.

Smile Makeover: Most Famous And Sought-after Procedures In Cosmetic Dentistry

The most promising solution in Cosmetic Dentistry is dental veneers. One can get the best quality dental veneers in Sydney as it is known as a hub of Cosmetic Dentistry.

What are dental veneers?

Veneers are thin layer/layers that essentially act as a cover that improves overall teeth appearance. It is a procedure that does not change anything inwardly but make the teeth look like perfection from the outside. Of course, only the patient and the dentist will know about the minute imperfections in the otherwise beautiful smile. They are a permanent solution, but they need to be carefully maintained to get the best results and make it last longer.

They are of two types, made out of porcelain or resin composite materials, and each have its pros and cons. One needs to decide based on the suggestions and knowledge of their dentist.

Porcelain veneers are usually regarded as the better option for most people. It is more effectively stain-resistant and mimics the original colour of the patient’s teeth or can also be whitened a scale higher according to the patient’s preference. But this is also an option that requires a higher amount of enamel removed from the patient’s teeth. Needless to worry, veneers are in themselves a solution to teeth suffering from enamel abrasion or erosion.

Composite resin veneers are made thinner, and they come with the advantage of lesser enamel reduction. While the porcelain veneers take longer to get fixed (three sittings), the composite veneers need only one sitting. However, these are less durable than the porcelain ones but are perfect for smaller applications as they can be removed or replaced if necessary.

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The procedure that goes into fitting dental veneers:

Initially, the dentist would trim off a certain level of enamel to provide enough space for the veneer to get attached to the teeth and then he/she would make a model or impression of the patient’s teeth. Once that is done, the impressions are sent to a laboratory to generate the veneers using the correct measurements that would fit perfectly well above the tooth with the application of special dental cement. Once that is back from the laboratory, the procedure is carried out with extra trimming if necessary, and it is made sure that the patient can feel his/her comfortable bite. The cement used in this procedure is an element that activates its chemical components with the infusion of a special light beam aimed at it. The procedure is complete as the cement fixes the veneer to the tooth properly.

Why should one consider fixing veneers?

They are perhaps the easiest way to whiten one’s smile effectively. They also help fix minor chips or cracks, misalignment, discolouration and gaps between teeth without actually going through the long and complicated procedure of adjusting teeth positions through dental clips or braces. Overall, they are an excellent treatment that brings out the best smile in every patient. One can get quality dental veneers in Sydney from reputed dental centres like About Smiles.


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