What is the Best Hair Color of 2022


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2020 inspired us to experiment with hair color. And in 2021, that search continues. We either dialed things with warm tones or joined the most popular shade of the year: red. Some of us have even tried out the trends of the moment, such as peeping highlights and skunk hair.

What is the Best Hair Color of 2022

And as the New Year approaches, we’re glad we have so many options to try next. From platinum blondes to rich chocolates, here are some Best haircut Richmond trends in 2022

1) Butter Platinum

As Miley Cyrus, Jamie King, and Billy Elish have shown us, whites still have more fun. Classic Shade is just one of the major updates in 2022. “Platinum used to be just for cool toned blondes, but now you can wear color in battery tones as well,” said Laura Gibson, hairdresser and artistic director of Risk. “It’s perfect for people who want to make a statement, but still make the mistake of being professional.” However, be prepared to have a purple shampoo on hand to maintain a cool tone and that you may have to book some appointments (especially for any natural brunette) to fix the vibrant complexion.

2) Bright baby lights

Y2K beauty trends were everywhere in 2021, so it’s no surprise that they will continue into the new year. Especially a trend? Bright baby lights. “Baby lights are a delicate highlight that adds subtlety to your hair and is perfect for dyeing your hair into blonde hair that looks more natural,” says Rubina Kim, a hair stylist and colorist at Styleset. “I recommend taking deep golden or caramel highlights, as they are more delicate but still vibrant and do less damage to your hair.” Simply put, this color trend is great when you want a subtle change. As Kim says, it’s all about adding sparkle and warmth to the new year.

3) Bronde

We knew it would be even more popular when we saw this hot color on celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and Lily Aldridge earlier this year. “Umbri is a trend that has shown strength. Many of my clients are shaking Umbri and making her feel fresh for the new year,” said a Los Angeles hair colorist. Are requesting subtle changes. ” Says Tracy Cunningham. The purpose of a new update is to make it look more natural and thus, the color is going to last longer by focusing mainly on the heads, while bringing dimension to any hair tone.

4) Golden brown

We’re slowly seeing more variations of brown tones – including this year’s dominant color (aka red). It is perfect for getting a rich chocolate brown with a copper or cherry undertone that adds sparkle and richness, This color is very sexy and attractive. In addition, warm shades require less care due to the natural colors, which makes it a much cheaper alternative.


From expensive brunettes to golden baby blondes, we are predicting many new Best haircut Richmond in 2022. Our famous colorist friends are watching this on trend radar: brunettes, boho blondes, bleach and tones, every shade of warmth, and much more!

Keep scrolling for the 5 hair color trends that are going to be everywhere, as well as for color formulas and pro techniques you will need to be prepared for every client sitting in your chair.


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