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The limited access to regulated financial markets is one of the most serious challenges that cryptocurrency holders confront. This is when plays its great role.

For this purpose, in this article, we are giving a detailed review while discussing its different and unique aspects. was created in 2019 and has already received numerous honors, including the Blockchain Life Award for “Best Cryptocurrency Exchange in the CIS,” which is outstanding for such a junior firm. Cryptocurrencies, government bonds, equities, shares, equity derivatives, and commodities are among the tokenized assets available at this platform.

What is is a system that allows people using Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin, for example, to trade assets, indexes, and commodities from the world’s most prestigious firms. They can also do it without converting their cryptocurrency into fiat currency. Users can trade in cryptocurrencies and receive their profits in the same.

Users can get access to the real market prices of standard assets by utilizing cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies as deposits on the network, which bills itself as the “world’s first regulated tokenized securities trading platform.”

How to open an account at

To open an account at, follow the below steps:

  • Press the Get Started button on the homepage of the website.
  • Fill in all the required details to submit the account application form.

Advantages of trading with

Trading with has numerous advantages:

  • Reasonable Fees: charges fees that can compete and there are no extra charges involved.
  • Deposits and Redemptions: The system allows users to deposit and withdraw fiat money as well as cryptocurrency.
  • Mobile Accessibility: The app is available on Google Play and AppStore for traders who choose to go mobile.
  • Demo Account: The interface is similar to the live account, allowing users to practice navigation prior to going live.
  • Protection: places a high priority on security, with systems housed in data centers utilized by the world’s leading exchanges.
  • Fast Speed: Fast execution prevents slippage, which is extremely critical in the crypto world.
  • Access to Multi-Asset Class: In addition to cryptos, the platform offers access to commodities, ETFs, fiat money, equities, government securities, and stocks.
  • Leverage: 1:500 leverage is available, allowing stock investors to increase their profits. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that using leverage might result in significant losses.
  • Free Coins: The contests page allows members to gain coins.
  • Risk Control: Investors can use stop loss and hold profit possibilities in adding to more than 75 technical analyses and a variety of drawing tools. Negative balance safety is also provided by

Accounts & Fees:

A single live trading account is authorized for each trader. For practice, a demo account is also open.

Moreover, there may be extra costs not stated in this review because broker fees differ and change. When you open a broker account for online trading, carefully read and know all of the newest information.

Expert Review of

Traders Union experts assessed and found it to be an advanced representation of its area.

  • The platform’s technological aspects are flawless, and deals are processed fast. The program interface is straightforward but effective.
  • Novice traders who choose to work with benefit from customized instructional packages and a fully operational demo account.
  • A wide range of trading products is complemented by a set of design perks, ranging from 1:500 leverage to a confirmed stop loss. Because of these factors, trading is relatively comfortable for both newbie and experienced traders.
  • The Traders Union also emphasizes its moderate service and 24-hour technical assistance, which provides timely consults and answers to technological challenges.

Final Verdict:

This application is well-designed and allows crypto-currency clients to track the price fluctuations of a variety of cryptocurrencies and also traditional products. This enables individuals to participate in such markets without switching their bitcoin, and it also guarantees that they get their earnings in cryptocurrency.


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