Why the Green Home Has to Be the Future for the Sake of Our Planet


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There has been a concerted effort across all aspects of the built environment to integrate and include technological advancements in the building and designing of modern homes and living spaces. As a nation, and in fact, on a global scale, we have become more accepting of the damage we have done to the planet in the way we have used resources and the type of natural resources we have used to create the built environment, and thus also of the responsibility we have to change this. These changes are seen as part of the efforts towards greening how we live but also contributing to the protection of the planet and global resource preservation. This article looks at why a greener and more sustainable home must be the future of human existence if we are to avoid the calamities of climate change, as well as the more immediate upward surge in natural gas, heating, and electricity prices.

Why the Green Home Has to Be the Future for the Sake of Our Planet

The green, eco, or sustainable home

The green or sustainable home is not necessarily one where you will have to go back to the dark ages or forgo all modern facilities and comforts. Instead, it is about embracing the most modern technology and systems to improve how your home uses resources and impacts the planet.

There has been a surge in eco or green living, and yes, this will fit the bill for greener living, but it isn’t possible for all of us to move off-grid and design our homes afresh and start again in an eco-home that is environmentally friendly and carbon neutral. It is all good and well for people to move off-grid in this way, but for those who can’t, we need to find alternatives, and this is about a sustainable and green home. Your house may not have been originally designed with sustainability and greening in mind, but there can be adjustments and changes made to provide for this. Retrofitting a home with the latest green and sustainable tech and enabling it to run on renewable energy is one of the most popular occurrences in the construction and building industry and is a trend that will continue as we realize that changing how we live and interact with the environment is essential for longevity. Below are the aspects of such change that must be included in any home changes and improvements.

Efficient use of all resources

The absolute best way to reduce your impact on the environment is to use the current resources as effectively and efficiently as possible. You need to ensure that your home is making the most efficient use of all the resources that you consume. Be it gas, electricity, or water, being able to monitor home resource usage and have all your appliances and systems working at peak efficiency is the best way to go. So, for example, you must be able to read the signs your air conditioner needs to be replaced and then be able to maintain it and keep it running at its best. If not, you are likely to be running appliances and using resources in a manner that wastes resources and adversely affects our planet. This is about making the best use of the current energy that you use and not necessarily changing it outright.

Sustainable resources

Being able to use sustainable and green resources for heating and to run the home is one of the fastest-growing trends that there is. But not only is solar or biogas a real option, the size of wind turbines has been significantly reduced, and they are now much more available for home use. The sustainable energy options are increasing year on year as technology improves and science is able to provide new means of heating and lighting. The main consideration is that you are changing the entire home resource use and not just making superficial changes. The resources used in the home must all be considered as important, not just the ones whose prices are skyrocketing. Remember it’s about saving money and the planet, so keep this in mind and look to change resources, including detergents, recyclable plastics, energy, water, and heating.

No more conspicuous consumption

As a society, we have been through many different and varied stages, and for a long while, there has been a sense that we can simply buy what we need to make living easier and more comfortable. This constant and ongoing consumption has led to huge resource deficits across the globe, and as we try to limit the cost on the planet, this is something that will have to change. Buying appliances and devices just to keep up with the Joneses is now very much frowned upon based on the amount of waste that we generate as a society. It is simply not sustainable to keep buying appliances and technology just to replace or upgrade existing tech and appliances that work just fine. It is advised to have home appliances that are energy efficient to the maximum, but not advised to spend over and above your means to secure such devices.

Are Green tech and smart homes the answer?

As aforementioned in this article, you will be extremely lucky if you are able to rebuild your home and include eco-principles from the get-go. But this is not the case for some, and as such, it is critical to be able to innovatively make changes that will move your home into the future, and a green one at that. Technology has moved forward in leaps and bounds, and perhaps it is now time for our mindsets to change and for the movement towards greener living to become as mainstream as the tech that drives it.

The tips and ideas provided here should allow you to make informed decisions about the type of resources, appliances, and adaptations that you should be making to your home to save resources and money as well as our planet.


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