A Beginner’s Guide to Firearm Laws


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One of the hot topics in the world right now is about firearms and what regulations are in place to ensure that they are owned and looked after safely. Whether it is through correct licensing procedures or even through their second amendment rights, gun control Is always likely to be a hot topic amongst many people across the states and is one of the major sticking points when it comes to political campaigning that potential presidents look to tap into.

A Beginners Guide to Firearm Laws

The legal side

Although you might think otherwise, Federal Law in the USA doesn’t strictly stipulate that someone needs a license in order to own a gun. It tends to be done on a state-by-state basis, and more pertinently, the Second Amendment in US Law specifically dictates a right to bear arms. This muddies the waters a bit when it comes to firearms, but in at least fifteen states, there are regulations to ensure that they are used safely. Nevertheless, even having some regulations in place is better than nothing as it means that everyone has a firmer idea of where they stand in relation to control measures.

Technically legal

There are ways to obtain firearms without needing legislation, such as getting a polymer 80 frame. Polymer 80 frames are similar to the real thing but differ enough from traditional firearms to be considered legally different. They also retail at a much lower price than the real thing, meaning that they can prove to be cost-effective for collectors and owners of guns across the US for those who use these frames. As such, with them being constructed as a Polymer 80 frame, they differ just enough to go under the radar and be considered legally acceptable as far as licensing goes. With them considered to be perfectly legal, you can find Polymor 80 Glocks at https://kmarmsusa.com as you look to extend a hobby with firearms.

They’re popular

Interest in firearms is very much more of a popular trend in the USA, with approximately 40 percent of people in America saying that they or someone in their household are in possession of a firearm of some kind. Once again, much of these comes down to the Bill of Rights and the right to bear arms, as many Americans make use of their second amendment rights to allow them to possess a firearm. This is vastly different when compared to somewhere like the UK, where strict firearm licensing laws would make it impossible for just a regular person to own a firearm, even in terms of replicas, without filling in various forms of paperwork and declarations to ensure that they are legally considered responsible enough to own something along those lines.

As a result, thanks to all the changes in gun regulations across the US, it is relatively easy to own a firearm, even if fifteen states have licensing regulations to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. This allows gun ownership to flourish into an interesting and vibrant hobby, especially when you build your own with 5D’s 80 lowers.


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