Situations in Which an Immigration Lawyer Proves to be Invaluable


Many of us work hard our whole lives and we do it because we have a plan for our retirement years. The hope is that we can move to another country that has more favourable weather that is kinder to your body as you age. Many of us want to enjoy the culture that we once experienced in our youth and there are still countries out there that practice old-fashioned practises and that have old-fashioned attitudes. This is where we would feel more comfortable and so we decide to relocate to these countries and immerse ourselves in their culture. There is a lot to plan and there is a lot to prepare for like making sure that you have enough money for your initial visa application and that you have accommodation waiting for you when you arrive there. Visit Australian Migration Lawyers so they can help you with all of your legal enquires about immigration.

Situations in Which an Immigration Lawyer Proves to be Invaluable

Once you settle in and you begin to enjoy this new life, things seem to be going really well and you wonder to yourself why you didn’t make this move many years ago. Unfortunately there always seems to be a fly in the ointment and it usually comes from the direction of the immigration authorities. The unfortunate thing about the Asia region is that even though there are rules in place which need to be followed, these same rules are known to be flexible and so there is a lot of ambiguity involved. For a westerner, this is a difficult situation to find yourself in and so it is crucial that you are able to find a professional and competent immigration lawyer in Thailand that knows the rules and the law to provide you with the right advice. There are a number of situations in which you might need the services of an immigration lawyer and the following are a couple of those.

● You want to work – It may be that you are not ready just now to settle down and retire and so you would like to take on a teaching position because the local school has approached you many times asking for your help. Like any country in the world. There are rules and regulations to be followed when you want to start to work for someone and so it is unlikely that you will know what has to be done in this regard. This is where your immigration lawyer can prove themselves to be incredibly useful because they can apply for your work permit to make sure that everything is legal and above board.

● You want to get married – I suppose the ultimate goal for many people is that they meet the person of their dreams, fall in love and then decide to get married so that you can both enjoy your honeymoon together. In your own country, this is a very straightforward and easy procedure but when you are in another country it is completely different. You need to prove that you were not married beforehand, you may need a police record to make sure that you are a fine and upstanding citizen and there is lots of paperwork that needs to be filled in.

In situations such as these, it is imperative that you have an immigration lawyer working hard for you to make sure that everything happens as it should.


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