8 Smart Ways to Protect Your Family at Home


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Your home is always going to be valuable to you, but nothing is ever as important as the family that lives in the house. Keeping your family safe at home is going to be the #1 priority of all heads of household. How do you do that? Here are 8 intelligent ways you can safeguard your home against the dangers of the outside world while still allowing your family to explore and trust the world.

8 Smart Ways to Protect Your Family at Home


1. Get a home security system

Systems like Adeva Security protect your family from every foreseeable threat against the home: fires, intruders, carbon monoxide, and any other danger you can imagine. The #1 way to protect your family against all threats in their own home is a good security system that has surveillance as well.

2. Keep your doors locked

While this might seem like a no-brainer in a modern world, there are still people who feel so safe at home that they don’t think much about leaving a door, or two, unlocked. Nothing can be quite as unsafe as allowing your doors to be unlocked while your family is at home. Keep those doors locked. No matter how safe you feel, there are intruders who would love to catch you with a door unlocked.

3. Always look home, even when you’re not

Your goal is to make your home look like you’re home, even if you’re going to be away for awhile. Leave a light or two on, put your newspaper delivery on hold if you’re going to be gone awhile, and let neighbors know to check in on your home to make sure nothing looks amiss.

4. Keep a guard dog

What’s not to love about the idea of getting a fun loving family pooch to give everyone a deeper sense of security? While alarm systems will always trump dogs in terms of how safe they keep your family, a family dog isn’t just there to bark. Most dogs have a sense of loyalty that ignores the drive for self-preservation. They will protect a family against intruders immediately, even as the alarm has help on the way.

5. Don’t leave spare keys outside

You’d be amazed at how many home invasions come about because an intruder spotted a family member nabbing that hidden key under the doormat. By hiding the key in an obvious place, you’re giving yourself a false sense of security. In reality, the intruder can find that key just as easily as you can. Leaving the key with a trusted family member or friend is a better idea than hiding it under a doormat for all to find.

6. Keep windows locked

It’s nice to open the windows and get a little fresh air inside, but it can also be an open invitation to an intruder. Many times an intruder will try to use windows as access points to the house. Don’t let this happen. Have window checks frequently before bedtime to make sure all windows are locked.

7. Install motion sensor lights

There are ups and downs with motion sensors, but when they’re placed accurately, they can be a huge warning sign that something is amiss outside. Your home security team can help you install motion detectors that function properly and are in an ideal location to work the way they should.

8. Make sure a peephole is on the front door

If you can’t easily look out a window and see outside your home’s access doors, then it’s time to install peepholes on those doors. The goal is to be able to see the outside of your home at all costs, the instant someone comes into your property. Cameras are an excellent way to do this, but for a quick check, a peephole works just as good.

Protecting your family at home means making sure everyone is safe from intruders, fires, odorless gas, and other common home threats. A security system takes care of everything in one whack, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep doors locked and check your windows, too. The ideal way to prevent a threat against your home is to discourage it from ever happening in the first place.


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