My Experience with RV Rental in Fresno


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If you’re like me, it’s been years since your last vacation. The last two years have been filled with outbreaks and variants that made the thought of travelling by airplane unappealing. Ditto to staying in a hotel. You mean, you want me to stay in a building with a couple hundred strangers and just hope for the best? No thanks.

So, I stayed home. I took hikes in the mountains near my home, and wore a mask, and kept a six feet distance from anyone not in my bubble.

My Experience with RV Rental in Fresno

And it was fine. I didn’t get sick. But it did get a little monotonous. Sure, the mountains have timeless beauty and all, but I needed to get out there and see something new!

So last month, after two years of patient waiting, I finally decided to take the plunge and go on vacation – safely! This is my story of how an RV rental in Mesa helped me get my groove back!

Starting Out

The first thing I did was get online. I looked at forums for other people with compromised immune systems for advice. Everyone had their own idea. Some recommended travelling with a face shield. Others said to double up on the masks, instead. Click here for up to date covid guidance.

Some said to do both a shield and double masks. I thought, wow! Is it really worth taking the risk? There must be a better way.

Then I thought, why not rent an RV online? They are guaranteed to be cleaned and sanitized between users. It’s like a little safe pod on wheels. I can carry all of my medical equipment with me as well as the food for my specialized diet. It can be difficult to find options on the road that won’t make me violently ill.

I had never rented an RV before. Neither had any of my friends or family members. They didn’t have any advice for me, so I was on my own.

When I first opened up the site, I was overwhelmed. There were so many options. Which one was right for me? I looked at the pictures. There were so many available.

The pictures made them look like so much fun. I was already picturing myself heating up my special soups on the little gas stove top, stretching out on the fold down beds, and sneaking my therapy schnauzer little bites of cheese while I drove. Click the link: for more information about motor homes.

This felt right. I had to take the next step.


I decided to make the trip a total surprise for my boyfriend. He’d been feeling pretty down for the last few weeks. I thought this was just the thing to bring his mood up.

I decided on renting a van. Although it was small, it had everything I needed. A fridge, a microwave, and a stove to help me eat right. And in case things went wrong, there was a toilet and a shower. Everything was packed into such a small space, but it didn’t feel cramped or cluttered!

You should have seen Brian’s face when I pulled up in that bad boy! It drove like a car, so it was easy for me to get behind the wheel. I didn’t know it yet, but it was so easy to handle that I could drive for hours at a time before I needed a break.

Destination: Fun!

Our first stop was just over the state line into New Mexico. I saw a cute little market on the roadside that I just had to stop and see. The sign said that it had jewelry, blankets, and farm-fresh pecans. I just couldn’t pass that up!

I double-masked and got ready to go inside. I turned on the generator to keep the air conditioner going for my little schnauzer, Markie. I was a little nervous about leaving him alone, but Brian assured me that it would be fine.

Once we got inside, there was a lot to see and do. There were homemade candles next to a pecan sample station. I wanted to try the jalapeno-roasted pecans, but I didn’t want to lift my mask! “Oh well, I guess I’ll save it for next time,” I told Brian. Living with disabilities can mean making a lot of sacrifices. Instead, I bought a bag of cinnamon pecans.

When I got back to the van and tried them, they were delicious!

Wrapping Up

Finishing the trip was easy. I brought the rental back, making sure to clean it thoroughly first. There were no hidden charges and check-in was quick and convenient.

I don’t know what I would have done without the ability to rent a vehicle online. It gave me the peace of mind I needed to finally break out of my comfortable bubble, get on the road, and see something new!


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