Pay Attention to These Things to Avoid Traffic Accidents


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A traffic accident is an event on the Road which is unexpected and unintentionally involving a vehicle with or without another Road User resulting in human casualties and/or property loss. When calculated based on the number of victims who died, the average reached 30,000 people per year or 80 people per day. The data above is a special alarm for motorists to always be vigilant on every trip. Starting from obeying traffic signs to always checking vehicles regularly. If you have an accident, you can ask santa clarita auto accident attorney greg own.

Pay Attention to These Things to Avoid Traffic Accidents

To overcome these various things, it is better for drivers to always prioritize safety driving when driving, be it using the right driving equipment, obeying traffic rules, to having a driving license with everyone must know how to talk with a traffic ticket attorney as in case of ticketing you can explain him about your situation and case. Be careful in driving your car and you can follow our tips:

Routinely check vehicles

Optimal vehicle maintenance is the first step so you can avoid traffic accidents. The treatment that is carried out cannot be original. Because it will have an impact on how long the car can last. If the treatment tends to be random, the performance of the iron horse will decrease. Even worse, the car will be hampered while on the way so that it can endanger yourself and other drivers. For that, do some routine maintenance such as checking the condition of the battery, checking the radiator, controlling the timing belt, and paying attention to the lubricant or engine oil. Besides you can check daily, also do routine maintenance at the workshop.

Keep up the pace

Do not rush in driving. Always keep your speed in accordance with the signs that apply on every road. If you are in a rush because you are running after time, it’s a good idea to put safety first while driving. For example, by using a turn signal when turning or taking another route. Meanwhile, pay attention to the rearview mirror to find out the traffic conditions behind the car.

Do Not Drink and Drive

It is important to know that DUI cases occur routinely in the country. In fact, DUI is one of the leading reasons of car accidents. If you are someone that has been in an accident because of a DUI reason, it is best that you get in touch with the best DUI Lawyer in MD. Getting expert legal help can help you avoid getting your license cancelled, get off with a small fine or penalty and even avoid jail time. As a matter of principle, you should never drink and drive for your own safety and for that of others.


Usually, many people underestimate the use of seat belts. In fact, a seat belt is one of the tools in a car that can save lives when unwanted things happen, such as traffic accidents. In addition, many people think that motorists use seat belts only to avoid being punished by traffic police. Instead, avoid this assumption because personal safety is a top priority in driving using a safety belt.

Avoid cell phones

Concentration is the fundamental key for riders to avoid accidents. In addition, avoid using cell phones when driving. Motorists using cell phones have a greater risk of accidents than drunk riders. This is because motorists no longer pay attention to the road and road users around it. However, if there is an urgency regarding the use of a cell phone, it is better if you pull over first to avoid an accident

High tech vehicles

The next tip, use a vehicle that is equipped with a qualified safety system. Because this safety system can help avoid and minimize the occurrence of traffic accidents. For example, the intuitive intelligent safety system. This feature gives advance warning if there is a possible collision in front of the car while driving, when it is detected there will be a warning and automatic braking intervention is unavoidable.

Bring only necessary items

If your vehicle carries excessive loads, it will affect fuel consumption which is increasingly wasteful. Therefore, avoid carrying excess items when driving, whether you are using a car or a motorbike. For car drivers who use roof racks, avoid driving your vehicle at high speed so that the vehicle remains stable when driving on the road.

Those are some things you can apply when driving to be safe and secure to your destination. To increase your safety in driving, there is nothing wrong with using vehicle insurance to provide certainty that your vehicle is well protected if something unwanted happens. When you click here, you will get more details.

Vehicle accidents, both two-wheeled and four-wheeled, can be caused by many factors. And accidents can happen to new or experienced drivers. The following are some of the factors that cause traffic accidents.

Based on data analysis, many traffic accidents occur due to human factors or vehicle drivers. The causes can be due to a physical condition that is not fit, drowsiness, mental instability, driving fast, a lack of skills and knowledge in driving, the bad influence of drugs or alcohol, and distraction.

The Vehicle Factor itself

The vehicle used can be the cause of an accident, it could be due to the brake system, steering wheel, the engine that does not function, modified not in accordance with safety rules, and so on. There are many components in a vehicle and all of them are potentially damaged. Especially if the car is old enough, there are many components that are no longer functioning properly. To find out the condition of the car and prevent accidents from happening, you should check your vehicle or service regularly.

Road Condition

Some of the accidents caused by road factors include inadequate road surface conditions (potholes, bumps), inadequate facilities for pedestrians, inappropriate road layout, inadequate lighting, and others.


The factors causing the last road accident is due to the environment or the weather. Bad weather, such as rain or fog, often causes the vehicle to lose control and so it skids. Other environmental conditions besides rain, such as floods, earthquakes can also cause accidents. As a result of an accident, of course, requires a large amount of money to repair the vehicle to its maintenance.

No Road Markings

This aspect accounts for around 14.35 percent of the total accidents triggered by road factors. Similar to the two previous aspects, due to the absence of markers, it leads to three accidents every day. Road markings have the same role as signs to guide road users to navigate safely, comfortably, and safely.

Lack of lighting

The fourth road condition that triggered the accident was the absence of street lights. This aspect contributes around 14.16 percent of the total road accidents. The dark road conditions make the driver’s sensory absorption decrease, practically the driver only relies on the lights from the vehicle. If added with the condition of the driver who is sleepy, it will be even more dangerous.


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