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Wage garnishment is really a big thing for both creditors and debits and it is important to protect the rights of both the parties. Sometimes in offices employees do big loss for the firms and companies deliberately as a result of which the only weapon that organizations are left with to compensate that loss to a certain extent is wage garnishment of that particular employee. Just like we have San Diego bankruptcy attorney and in other cities similarly it is also important to hire garnishment lawyers in the support of debtors and creditors to fight for their genuine rights. Here we will try to illustrate the concept of wage garnishment and solutions from expert lawyers for the same.

san diego wage garnishment lawyers

The Technicalities of Wage Garnishment in California

The Legal Rights of Lenders

If a person has lend money to the debtor and he is not showing his back to return the money in such scenario the lender can lodge a complaint against the one who own money. As a result of which a judgment will be passed by the judiciary to collect the money from the debtor by the method of wage garnishment. Under this process the property or the person or the wages that are supposed to be given to the debtor can be cancelled as a compensation of the debts recovery.

Rights of Debtor to Protect from Discrimination in Wage Garnishment

It is true that an employer can deduct the entire salary of the employee in case he owe to the company. But at the same time certain relaxations are also given to the debtors where they can enjoy their rights against the wage garnishment which directly support their basic lifestyle. For example if an employee is not having enough money to support his basic needs the employer cannot have wage garnishment on him to recover his debt. So this is the basic protection given to the debtor also.

Setback of Wage Garnishment on the Employee Residue Income

What employee get from the employer after the wage garnishment is considered as residue income which is really low and it is possible that person will not be able to support his daily basic needs with that income. As a result of which it is important to approach the San Diego wage garnishment attorney to help you out in keeping your view in front of the judiciary on legal grounds. It will save your rights and you will also be able to fight you case in a subtle manner without doing any kind of rivalry with your employer. It is also possible to keep your case in front of the employer to reduce the amount of wage garnishment so that residue income can be enhanced to meet the basic needs.

Legal Aids and Solutions in Wage Garnishment

It is possible to manipulate the wage garnishment of an employee by doing certain legal aids and solutions with the help of attorneys. They can help you to suppress the level of your garnishment of the wages so that a minimum amount is deducted to compensate the debts as compared to the deduction of entire wages. This is how one will be able to support the family and debts as well.

At the same time legal aids also provide chance to settle the matter by giving a contract of paying the debts in a certain time period by the debtors back to the creditors. This is how legal solutions can help employees to save their salary and wages from garnishment and at the same time help creditors with relief to get their money back.

How a Wage Garnishment Attorney Can Help

The San Diego wage garnishment lawyers can help you to save your rights aptly if you are being trapped in the vicious cycle of wage garnishment by your employer. At the same time we do care for the creditors also. Get a free consultation from us and we will try to understand the entire matter on your part to resolve with the best solutions on legal grounds. You will be extremely happy to reach out for the best legal help in terms of wage garnishment case to save your hard earned money in the name of this garnishment of wages.


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