Decorating a Nursery – What you Need to Know


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If you are expecting an addition to the family in the very near future, your mind will eventually turn to the baby’s room, the nursery. A special environment where your child will spend their first few years, therefore the design, layout and decor are all important aspects to consider when designing a nursery.

decorating a nursery – what you need to know

Choose Soft, Pastel Colours

You want to create a soothing ambience, one in which Junior will feel relaxed and secure; search online for baby furniture bundles that are themed and the online supplier offers all products at wholesale prices, which is a saving of at least 15%. Regarding paint or wallpaper, that is a choice only you can make; search online for decorating supplies and order everything in a single shop.

Think of Practicality

The layout should see the crib, diaper changing area and the eating area all within close proximity; this makes your routine easier and quicker, due to less distance to cover. Most new mums will have a single bed or mattress in the nursery, for obvious reasons.; there are free resources online regarding nursery design and layout that can help you create the perfect nursery for your newborn baby.

Choose a Colourpallette

Favourites are obviously blue-white and pink-white, with perhaps an infusion of beige or lilac; pale blues and greens are ideal for creating a soothing ambience, so they are favoured. Pastel colours blended with gender-neutral colours like beige or light brown. Bright, clean colours are perfect for a baby’s room and don’t forget to decorate the ceiling with luminous stars, which Junior will love.

Avoid Toxic Materials

It is very important to ensure that paints are safe and that surfaces are clean and safe for your baby. Always read any documentation that comes with baby products and do some research online if you are unsure about anything. There are many natural materials that you can use in a nursery; timber is ideal for toys and furniture. You should use organic bedding to protect baby’s skin and make sure to place an air purifier in a corner of the room. Click here for tips on arranging a wedding on a shoestring budget.

Changing Station

Order a top brand that has all the slots and accessories so you have diapers, wipes, creams and lotions at hand. A bamboo table would make for the perfect location, which should be next to the crib. You could buy a combo crib that doubles as a changing station, which saves space. Online shopping is great; you can browse essential baby care products from the comfort of your own home. Google Images can show you 100s of nursery themes and when you find the one that hits the spot, you can use the image as a guide.

You are at the start of your parenting journey and we hope that this article helps you to get the right concept for your nursery. Early learning begins at birth and in a suitable environment, baby will feel secure.


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