Complete Guide To Interior Wall And Door Protection Solutions


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Wall Protection helps prevent damage from walls and structures. It’s an integral component of commercial projects, which safeguards your investment in your building. This is accomplished through the use of a variety of products, including crash rails handrails, corner guards, skirtings and more. These items safeguard surfaces like doors, walls, and corners with their durability against impact and simple maintenance. They help to ensure the durability of a building’s inside. Therefore, it is crucial for any establishment that faces lots of traffic to have interior wall and door protection solutions. According to Rootex the pioneers in wall and door protection, Wall Covering is a kind of wallpaper, which is used to embellish the walls inside the structure. It’s utilized for aesthetic and decorative reasons. In addition, it can be used to make an indication of your style, preferences and style.

This is accomplished through using wallpapers or similar items. Wallpapering walls in your home is a way to consider options that reflect your style and furnishings and your requirements in terms of technical specifications and high-quality.

Complete Guide To Interior Wall And Door Protection Solutions

There are numerous options available that cover both necessities.

There are numerous trustworthy Wall protection, wall coating and protection options. These solutions extend the lifespan of walls all over the world. From offices and structures as well as gyms, schools, hospitals, and more. They significantly cut down on the cost of maintenance and repairs. This means you can spend the money you earned on other essential requirements.

Wall Protection and Wall Covering Solutions comprise:

  • The Textile Fabric Wall as well as the Ceiling
  • Handrails
  • HPL Panels
  • Corner Guards
  • Wall Guards
  • Wall Panels
  • Wall Systems
  • Stripes and Rigid Sheets
  • Bed linen
  • Rub rail
  • Bumper / Crash rail
  • Skirting
  • Door Protection
  • WallPapers
  • Paint / Hygienic Paint

Advanced PVC is a cladding system for walls. It’s typically used in conjunction with trims. It is also formed by welding or thermoforming. The outstanding quality of this product is top of the line when it comes to the cladding system. The ease of cleaning is another good thing about this system.

Laminates (Laminate Sheets) are decorative materials used to cover surfaces. They are available in a variety of patterns (solid color stones, wood and plastic). Therefore, horizontal or vertical surfaces look stunning when you use these. They’re extremely durable and simple to maintain. This makes them perfect for areas with high traffic.

HPDE Wall Guards are excellent for the environmental environment. They’re 100% recyclable. They’re also excellent for maintaining hygiene-conscious areas. They’re waterproof, consequently, are much less difficult to clean (as as compared to wooden wall protectors for example). Wall guards are very beneficial in areas with a lot of people such as hospitals. They can protect your walls from harm caused by wheels, beds, rollators and other such.

Handrails – Handrails are employed to support walking. However, they can add design to an area, and they can also be used for decoration. MBT offers handrails in a myriad of PVC and wood colors and combinations. Handrails that fit any budget and need.
Crash Rails help protect walls from being damaged. Walls are often struck with people, machines, carts, people, and the like. The rails function as a solid barrier between the walls and the objects of collision. Therefore, the impact is absorption by the rails instead of directly reaching walls.

Corner Guards offer complete protection against impact, especially for walls with corners. They are used in an array of challenging applications. Traffic can be a nightmare on commercial premises, but corner guards keep their appearance appealing for a longer time.

Corner protectors are available in a variety of sizes, materials and designs. Therefore, MBT offers a broad range of corner protectors. It allows designers to combine almost any set of requirements. This is applicable to every requirement of design, function , and code conformance.

Column Guards are used to stop injuries caused by vehicles and machinery in warehouses. They wrap around columns to guard them against impact. They are essential in warehouses that are busy. In absence of them, the column could suffer structural damage.

Wall panels are thin pieces made of synthetic or wood and are just like floral wallpaper. They provide a distinctive aesthetic for design and protect your walls while also protecting them.

Antibacterial Background wallpaper is designed to stop bacteria’s growth. They are essential for areas of commercial use, which are frequented by heavy traffic. Healthcare facilities and hospitals specifically, require these for prevention of spreading diseases.

Silk Wall Covering creates walls that look and feel soft and smooth. They provide a bit of an extravagant look to walls, compared to standard wallpapers. They’re made with the best quality silk to complement your beautiful interior design.

Magnetic Laminates are a distinctive addition to our assortment of laminates. They are able to be written on using chalks or markers for boards to be used for commercial or educational applications. Paper can also be glued to the laminates with the help of magnets. Furthermore, these laminates can be utilized as screen projection. These properties make it appropriate for different situations and settings.


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