7 Things You Should Never Do in a Personal Injury Case


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Although there are millions of accidents every year, only a few people know what they should do if they are involved in one. It is essential to know what to do after an accident.
It can be challenging to keep your composure after an accident. You may experience anxiety, stress, and an adrenaline rush. Although it can be difficult, it is critical to maintaining your comfort. Many reputed law firms, such as Finkelstein & Partners LLP, are ready to help you recover your losses. At the same time you can also approach reputed Sarasota personal injury lawyers and likewise any other place to sort out the matter in professional way. It is not that easy to get involved into the legal mess of your personal injury case after getting injured in an accident and a professional can better do under such circumstances.

The following are seven things you should never do after an accident.

1. Never Lie to Your Personal Injury Attorney

The worst thing you can do is lie to your attorney because doing so could jeopardize your personal injury case and get you in trouble with the law. In a personal injury lawsuit, this could potentially cost you any settlement.

Take your personal injury lawyer Burbank legal advice and be honest and upfront when you answer their questions.

2. Never Postpone Seeking Medical Care

Delaying initial medical care after an injury is another mistake many people make when preparing to file a personal injury claim. For example, your body will pump you full of adrenaline after an accident as it tries to keep you going after the accident.

When this type of accident occurs, you may not feel any pain from any injuries sustained due to the accident. A shock response is a common occurrence in these situations.

3. Never Fail to Record Your Accident

The sooner you can recover after your injury, the better. Always record audio memos, movies, and photos to help you remember everything that happened to you. Keeping your story organized will also ensure that you don’t overlook any important information along the way.

It may still be possible to win your case without this paperwork, but starting with as many documents as possible will make the process easier.

4. Never Admit Fault

After an accident, you should always be honest about what happened, but avoid saying things like “my bad” or “Sorry, it was all my mistake” since doing so will place the blame for the accident squarely on your shoulders.

Therefore, be careful when discussing the incident with others and try to discuss points only with your lawyer.

5. Avoid Communicating with an Insurance Company Without a Lawyer

Automobile accident victims often receive lowball offers from insurance providers. They will try to get you to accept the minimum amount.

They may persuade you to abandon your legal process in exchange for low compensation. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid speaking with them without an attorney.

6. Do Not Bring A Lawsuit On Your Own

Never start a case on your own if you have significant damages, serious injuries, or both. Insurance companies will try to trick you into accepting the minimum amount, but an experienced automobile accident attorney can get you the amount you deserve.

You can sue by yourself only if you have minor damages and minor injuries. Even then, an attorney may still be able to help.

7. Never Consent To A Meagre Settlement

The initial settlement offer you receive will always be insufficient. Whether working alone or with a lawyer, don’t accept the first deal offer. Your attorney will notify you when they believe it would be prudent to settle, probably after a few rounds of negotiations.


Legally, personal injury lawsuits aren’t always complicated, but they can be if you make the wrong choices to affect the outcome. By hindering how your attorney can handle your case, making any of these mistakes could ultimately cost you your settlement.


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