What are the Significant Facts About Weight Loss?


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There is a point at which the unexplained weight loss becomes a medical fact or concern is not exact. Weight loss basically occurs in two stages that is an early or fast and rapid weight loss stage that is followed by a longer or slower period of weight loss.

What are the Significant Facts About Weight Loss

For most of the people 1-2 pounds per weeks is an understandable rate of weight loss. However the fact that every person has a different starting point. A better setting point is 1-2% of the individual’s current weight. One has to keep this percentage throughout his diet and the amount one expects to lose will eventually fall in line with his new lighter weight.

What is the importance of weight loss?

Weight loss towards a healthy weight for an individual’s height could promote health benefits. This includes lower cholesterol and the blood sugar levels along with lower blood pressure and less stress on bones as well as joints plus less work for the heart. It is important to maintain weight loss in order to obtain health benefits over a lifetime. The calorie balance is the most significant element when it comes to weight loss.

How can Gastric Bypass Surgery change individual’s life?

If an individual goes through gastric bypass weight loss surgery that would be a life changing even. The patients who opt for this surgery at one of the accredited medical facilities in Tijuana located in Mexico go through an experiment of substantial weight loss among which many report that they lose as much as 10 to 20 pounds each month during the first year after the bariatric surgery. An individual could lose about 60 to 70 percent of his excess weight.

The Gastric bypass procedures which are also known as Roux-en-Y are mainly a trusted metabolic as well as bariatric surgical solution out there. Keeping in mind that it is one of the most common as well as successful types of bariatric procedures used globally, gastric bypass or even gastroplasty is the best standard in the treatment of weight loss. The Gastric bypass has a considerable rate of lower risk of past operation complications as compared to the other weight loss procedures. The patients of Bariatric surgery who undergo gastric bypass usually experience a lesser or reduced risk or sometimes what happens is even eliminate some serious health conditions just as Type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure along with sleep apnea. It also helps in lessening the severity level of the long term effects of co-morbid health issues or even obesity.

How much time does Gastric Bypass Surgery in Mexico take?

The bariatric procedure mainly takes about half an hour for the surgeon to perform. At the first the individual would receive anaesthesia in order to keep him comfortable during the procedure. After that the surgeon would create around four to six incisions in the abdomen and then he would insert the laparoscope in order to guide the surgery. Once the incisions are made the surgeon is supposed to cut across the top of the stomach mainly sealing that off from the rest. Once this step is accomplished the surgeon would then cut the small intestine and sew part of that directly as a small pouch. After the surgery the individual would wake up in the recovery room where the hospital staff is supposed to monitor him for complications.


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