Get This New Indoor Cycling App Today


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Have you checked out Vingo yet? It is the latest Indoor cycling app that will transform your work-out routine forever. Vingo is a virtual space with which you can exercise on your bike and explore the world at the same time. It has a lot of unique features that will set you free from your mundane exercise and get you excited everyday for more. Here are some features that will grab your interests.

Get This New Indoor Cycling App Today

Prepare Yourself for Online work-outs

On Vingo you can access a lot of new places around the world while saving a lot on your travel expenses. All you need to do is install the app on your device with the biggest screen and place it in front of your bike. You can then connect the app with your bike and it automatically detects your movements on the bike. If you have an earlier version of the bike with no connectivity options, you don’t need to upgrade it, you can manually enter your speed and other measurements on the app.

The app uses ANT+ sensors to collect the data from your bike. It allows for seamless connectivity with your equipment. This way the app can monitor your movements effectively and display the scenery perfectly for you. It is Indoor cycling, yes, but you are going on an adventure across the world in high definition.

Create a New You Inside the Virtual World

The best part of Vingo is how you are represented on the app. With online cycling, you might wonder how you can interact with people there. But first, let’s look at how you look inside the platform. You can select from a range of outfits, body types, equipment, helmets, bikes, even your pets, etc and set them to yourself. you can then upload your selfie on the app and let the app adjust how you look in it.

Once you’re done, you will see a digital version of yourself cycling inside the app alongside many others. These people will notice you more and make sure you are your best every day.

Socialise to Have Fun & to Train Better

You can also befriend people on Vingo. But first you need to talk to them. You can approach people through voice chat and talk to them in real-time. Thousands of people get online everyday on the app and you can see them all in there. From beginners to experts, a great many people have found their cosy little retreat inside the app and you can too.

The best thing with getting a tribe around yourself is that whether you are feeling good or bad, people around you will motivate you to workout. Even if you feel tired from working out, the joy of hanging out with people will make you strive harder.

If you feel like you are out of place, you can always invite your family and friends into the app. You can pair up with them and go on adventures every day. Saves a lot on picnic expenses all the while you get fit, right?


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