How Easy is it to Set Up a Retail Food Outlet


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If you are living in Australia and are thinking of setting up a retail food business, this article was written with you in mind. Starting any business involves a lot of careful planning and hard work; your business plan should be your guideline and until that is complete, you shouldn’t be doing anything else.

How Easy is it to Set Up a Retail Food Outlet

Dining or takeaway?

If you are planning a takeaway venue, there is less red tape and you won’t need a licence to permit customers to consume on the premises. Your commercial kitchen needs to be designed from the ground up; check out Warewashing Solutions, a leading Australian supplier of top dishwashing equipment, all at affordable prices. Takeaway involves delivery and you can hire freelance motorcycle riders and put your food box on the back, plus give the staff a uniform for branding.

Dining onsite

If your business includes customers consuming your products on the premises, then you must go through a complex process, which is best handled using an experienced business lawyer. Your eatery must pass the state health & safety inspections and you must be sure to comply with the rules and regulations governing health, safety and hygiene.


Once you find the area, you need to source a venue that ticks all the boxes, with adequate car parking and reasonable access. If you are planning to buy a freehold, contact a good business lawyer who can handle the transaction. Prior to signing any lease agreement, let your lawyer scan the document, as there may be terms and conditions you are unaware of. If you are looking for a medium range watch, click here.

Digital marketing & branding

Of course, branding is important, you want people to identify your brand with delicious food and fun times. Plan a grand opening and make sure the local media are there; use social media to your advantage and if you hire a local digital marketing agency, they can create an aggressive digital marketing plan that is tailored to your business. Create promotions and invite local community members to try out your menu and with the right ambience, a great menu and happy, smiling staff, there’s every reason to expect a degree of success.

Registering your business

Of course, you have to register your business with the Australian government; this can be completed online and is not as complex as one might think. Come up with a suitable name, one that goes with your concept and the lawyer can guide you through the process of registering the business and obtaining the relevant permits.

The first thing to do is compile a comprehensive business plan that covers every aspect of the business and when you think the plan is complete, ask a business coach to take a look. Your concept has to be such that your organisation has an identity and second to none service with delicious food and drink, should see your eatery busy. This project should be your passion and with a lot of hard work, you will have a great customer base.


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