Study MBBS Abroad: Is It Better to Pursuing MBBS Degree in Abroad?


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Picking a career in medical is one of the most difficult areas to pursue. Admissions for MBBS leave medical aspirants in diverse stressful situations. The supply ratio of skilled doctors in India is comparatively lower and it makes tough competition among the medical aspirants in India. Hence, in this situation, Studying MBBS Abroad is an emerging alternative.

Study MBBS Abroad - Is It Better to Pursuing MBBS Degree in Abroad

Every year, there are lakhs of candidates desiring to study medicine. While the cost and quality of medical education come as a constraint. Though candidates desire to get access in Government medical colleges, the lack of seats and cut-off scores becomes an obstacle. Private medical colleges come as a second choice which may cost more than 70 lakhs, and the alternative calls are ruled out because of the budget. But there is still a third option, which is a blessing to the medical aspirants, i.e to study MBBS abroad.

Studying MBBS Abroad is more of a preference for many Indian candidates who failed to earn a seat at the government medical college in India. The bulk of the students prioritizes inexpensiveness along with the standing of a medical degree Abroad.

Reasons for Studying MBBS Abroad:

1. Limited Government College Medical Seats

Numerous Indian students wish to study MBBS in India, but the finite number of available seats at the government medical institutes left Indian medical aspirants with no option but to decide to study MBBS abroad.

2. High Fees / Donations in Private Colleges

In India, The fees are very high in private medical institutes compared to government medical colleges. In private medical institutes, the fees for the MBBS program are about Rs 64 lakh compared to only Rs 4 lakh in government medical institutes. So it is not likely for every medical aspirant to get admission for MBBS in private institutes.

3. Lower Cost of Study Abroad vs Private Medical Colleges

Pursuing MBBS in India can cost the medical aspirants more than studying MBBS Abroad. The moderate tuition fee for MBBS in India varies from Rs. 20 Lakhs to more than Rs. 1 Crore. Whereas the tuition fees for MBBS Abroad can cost the Indian students from Rs. 50 Lakhs to about Rs. 60 Lakhs. Thus, pursuing an MBBS degree Abroad is more achievable for Indian Students when it comes to costs.

Advantages of Pursuing an MBBS from Abroad:

1. Top Class Universities

Like in India, universities abroad equip students with state-of-the-art universities complete with modern conveniences for a wholesome schooling experience. The universities/institutes not only boast world-class faculty but also provide internationally recognized degrees to students to be able to create a mark in the medical field globally. Universities and institutes abroad also deliver essential safety and security to students so they are able to sense home in a foreign country.

2. High Quality of Education

Multiple countries offer the best medical education for medical aspirants. The desiring candidates show their importance for studying MBBS abroad despite the tough competition there, as the quality of education is premium counting many other advantages for the students.

3. No Separate Entrance Exam

Unlike India, there is no entrance examination needed to reserve a seat in an MBBS college. Admission abroad will be precisely based on your performance in 12th class and first-cum-first-serve basis. Candidates with more than 75% in their 12th class are given priority.

4. International Exposure

As students will desiring to study abroad in a foreign land and get to meet fellow students who are also from different nations, backgrounds, and ethnicity, students will get international exposure which will largely help them in settling down. Nations having huge population that offers a great opportunity for medical aspirants to get exposed to extensive patient inflow.

5. Better Return of Investment (ROI)

The cost of studying MBBS abroad is at par or lower compared to private medical colleges in India. After successful completion of the course, students are permitted to practice in the host nation. This provides them a chance to earn ample money thus yielding a better return on investments in the long run.

6. Scholarships and Financial Aid

To encourage a healthy flow of students arriving into foreign lands to study medical education, universities and colleges have declared several financial grants and scholarships to students to motivate studying MBBS abroad. Students can review a list of scholarships available to them to study an MBBS course abroad.

Which Countries Are the Best to Study MBBS?

If you want a good quality education at a low cost, the below listed are the good option for Indian medical students. There are many medical institutions in foreign countries that are approved by MCI and WHO. In order to get a quality education, it is advisable. MBBS degree and practical knowledge you receive are valid worldwide. So this will be a good option and the best countries to pursue MBBS for Indian students.

For your quick reference, you can refer to the table below for the top countries to study MBBS along with their name and fee structures.

CountryName of the UniversityMBBS Fee Structure/Year
Russia Bashkir State Medical UniversityRs. 2,45,000
Russia Crimean Federal Medical UniversityRs. 2,59,000
Russia Ryazan State Medical UniversityRs. 3,15,000
GeorgiaBatumi Shota Rustaveli State UniversityRs. 4,20,000
GeorgiaNew Vision UniversityRs. 4,90,000
GeorgiaAkaki Tsereteli State UniversityRs. 4,30,000
KazakhstanKazakh National Medical UniversityApprox Rs. 349,657
KazakhstanAstana Medical UniversityApprox Rs. 248,658
KazakhstanUIB International Medical SchoolApprox Rs. 271,978
Ukraine Bogomolets National Medical UniversityApprox Rs. 349,657
Ukraine Bukovinian State Medical UniversityApprox Rs. 303,062
Ukraine Kharkiv International Medical UniversityApprox Rs. 310,833
KyrgyzstanKyrgyz Russian Slavic UniversityApprox Rs. 225,355
KyrgyzstanAsian Medical InstituteApprox Rs. 281,305
KyrgyzstanInternational School of MedicineApprox Rs. 349,657


1 USD = 77.7118 INR

1 INR = 0.0128681 USD


It is clearly understood that though many Indian medical aspirants choose to study MBBS in India, the limited number of seats at the government medical colleges and the excessive fees demanded by the private medical universities left medical aspirants of India with no option but to pick study medicine abroad.

On analyzing the mentioned points, it can be concluded that studying MBBS Abroad for Indian students is more preferable. The course pattern and quality of education are comparatively great in the other countries. Medical aspirants seeking a good medical education can opt for MBBS Abroad at a reasonable cost.


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