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Milk is one of the essential products in our daily life. Milk is an essential product for our body. It consists of the nutrients that are essential to human health. Milk is consumed in breakfast, and it’s an important part of our morning breakfast. In India, most houses staple around drinking milk, and we all grew up adding this into our morning routine.

A2 Milk Pune

Consuming milk has many benefits, and adding that into our daily routine will help keep our body healthy. Now the question is which type of milk is best suitable for your body and provides all the required nutrition to your body.

In this blog, we will talk about A2 milk, which has been delivered by Gir Cow and why it is the best choice. With that in this blog, we have also mentioned where you can buy the best A2 milk in Pune.

What is A2 Milk?

A2 milk is a type of milk that contains the A2 beta-casein protein. This means that it’s easier to digest than regular milk. A2 milk comes from cows that have A1 and A2 type proteins. The proteins in A2 milk have different amino acid sequences and are not the same as those found in regular cows’ milk.

Why Should One Drink A2 Milk?

  • A2 Milk is easier on your stomach and immune system than A1 milk. It also tastes better because it’s not as thick and rich in flavor as A1 milk.
  • It also has a lot fewer calories, meaning you get more nutrition for less work!
  • A2 milk contains special proteins that are easier for your body to digest than other milks because they contain less protein molecules that humans cannot break down.
  • A2 milk has been shown to reduce acne in teenagers and improve immunity against allergies in children.
  • You will feel better after drinking A2 milk because it contains less lactose than regular cow’s milk which means less gas and bloating
  • It contains less protein and sugars, which mean it will not cause as many stomach problems. It also contains no beta-lactoglobulin or alpha-s1 casein proteins, which are the ones that can lead to allergies in some people.

The above-listed points are the benefits of A2 milk. Now you will be wondering if you got to know important things about A2 milk, but the question here is where you can buy it?

Urban Farms in Pune is the supplier of A2 milk Pune. They offer the best A2 milk in Pune. Urban Farms was founded in the year 2010, and the motive of the company is to deliver the best quality of A2 products in Pune. With A2 milk, they are also delivering different A2 products like A2 Ghee and A2 Paneer.

Why order A2 from Urban Farms if you are from Pune?

  • A2 milk of Urban Farms is sourced from cows that have been tested for A1 beta-casein protein – which means they produce only the A2 type of beta-casein protein found in human breast milk.
  • Urban Farms feeds high nutritious food to their cows so that they deliver good quality milk which contains all the important proteins
  • Urban Farms A2 milk is safe for consumption of all the age group people
  • During the time of COVID, they are following all the protocols issued by the government and are making sure that they deliver premium quality milk.
  • The most important benefit which Urban Farm is offering is that they are delivering the milk directly to your doorstep.

To order A2 milk from Urban Farms, you can visit their website: https://urbanfarmsmilk.com/ or call on the number: 9011688811


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