How to Identify it’s Time to Choose Dedicated Server for your Website?


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Most of the companies start with the shared web hosting plan initially. However, that will have to upgrade their website with an increase in their business. The reason behind the upgrade may also be to add additional features and functionality. But sometimes it is difficult to figure out when the right time to switch to a dedicated server is. By having the option to see the potential confinements that a typical facilitating plan may put on your site, you’ll have the opportunity to make the hop to a dedicated server at the ideal time. Today we are here with the indicators to tell you when to switch from shared to dedicated servers.

How to identify its time to choose dedicated server for your website


1. Slow Website Performance

If your website execution has been slipping, at that point, it may be an excellent opportunity to move up to a dedicated server. In the event that your guests are consistently hit with a server mistake page, or possess to trust that your site will stack, at that point, you could profit by doing the change to a dedicated server.

2. Traffic is increasing

After some time when the website started becoming popular, the traffic to the site automatically starts increasing. It is difficult for a shared server to handle this much load. This is the high time to shift your hosting plans to dedicated hosting because if you do not do this then maybe you will find many errors in your website.

3. Running multiple websites

If you want to run various websites, then shared hosting will not work for you. You need a dedicated server which supports more than one website under e roof.

Advantages of Dedicated server

Now you know when to upgrade your Webhosting from other plans to a dedicated server. But its time to understand why you need to consider dedicated hosting plan or server as your website hosting.

1) Complete server control

Being on a dedicated server implies you have control of the whole server. You’re never again offering assets to a wide range of sites that you have no alliance with. Here and there different destinations can wind up hoarding the majority of the server assets, which implies that your site could perform more slowly, therefore.

Some dedicated servers do require a touch of included specialized learning. You’ll most likely update and keep up the server with the end goal for it to run successfully. In any case, some dedicated server choices do have dedicated help groups to support you.

2) Enhanced security

If your business is at some point where you need to upgrade the security features of the website, then you need to consider dedicated server for your business. Dedicated servers usually are progressively secure as you’ll be the leading site utilizing the server. In the event that your website gets contaminated, or hacked, at any rate, you realize it’ll be your very own doing. Furthermore, not because of another site getting to be spoiled on the server. This will make it a lot simpler to make a proactive move.

3) Enhance website speed

If more than one user is visiting your website at one time and your server is unable to handle this load, then it will become a massive problem for you.

A dedicated server that is arranged expertly is a surefire approach to guarantee your site will consistently stack immediately, notwithstanding when it’s being immersed with a huge amount of traffic.

Dedicated servers aren’t fitting for each sort of site. In any case, if your website is encountering a portion of the signs above and you figure you could profit by a dedicated host, at that point, it may merit doing the switch. For whatever length of time that you have the tech abilities and the approaching benefit to pay for the expenses.


BY reading this article, we are sure that all your doubts got cleared about a dedicated server. We tried our best to answer your questions like when to switch to a dedicated server and why you need to consider dedicated server for your website. In case of any query or suggestion, please write in the comment section. We will be back with more exciting topics until then keep reading and stay connected with us.


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