3 Qualities of a Great Real Estate Lawyer – Asaf Izhak Rubin Talks


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Who is a great real estate lawyer? Answering this question can be quite difficult if you don’t know what qualities you should look for in a real estate lawyer. Real estate lawyers help with a wide variety of real estate and property dealings. It is only the best real estate lawyers who guarantee client satisfaction and ensure speedy transaction with utmost care.

3 Qualities of a Great Real Estate Lawyer - Asaf Izhak Rubin Talks

Well, because real estate properties and market is a valuable concern for many people and perhaps you, having a real estate lawyer at your side can make things easier. They are equipped with immense knowledge of the real estate market, the workings, the legal transactions, documentations, and so much more. So, here are the top most important qualities that help identify a great real estate lawyer from the rest.

1. Set of Experience and Skills

When deciding to hire a real estate lawyer if you haven’t already, you should look for someone with an immaculate level of experience. A real estate lawyer with the required experience in the field will possess knowledge of nearly all the aspects of the real estate transactions there are. Having a good reputation is not enough. In fact, checking for track records and real estate reviews might reveal more valuable information of how well your chosen real estate lawyer has been in operating in the real estate market.

If you require an upper hand in all the real estate transactions that you perform, partnering with an experienced real estate lawyer can help. Whether financing, investment, leasing, development, zoning, or property management, your real estate lawyer should have knowledge on all the aspects of the real estate transactions.

In addition, excellent negotiation skills can help the real estate transactions and deals fall in your favor. Someone with good interest in the respective field, knowledge of the workings, and intensive negotiating skills set can form a great real estate lawyer according to Asaf Izhak Rubin.

2. Excellent Level of Honesty

Being truthful and honest at all turns of an ongoing or even closed real estate deals or transactions is the mother of all traits. In fact, as Asaf Izhak Rubin suggests, an honest real estate lawyer will maintain the integrity of all your real estate deals and workings by staying honest at all times.

Working alongside and removing any doubts at the first instance are some of the great presenters of the honesty trait in a person. Hence, your real estate lawyer shouldn’t make you rely solely on themselves but rather provide you the opportunity to learn and get better at operating in the real estate market.

Honesty becomes of paramount importance during any unfavorable real estate transaction or deals. In fact, when the worst deals or circumstances arise, real estate lawyers should work their best to steer the situations in your best interest. Over that, honest real estate lawyer will always keep you informed of the real progression and state of a real estate case.

3. Presentable Qualities and Knowledge

Apart from honesty, skills, and experience, what you require the most is the ability to present your case in front of the required officials when the circumstances deem necessary. This calls for a presentable real estate lawyer with an in-depth knowledge of the respective real estate cases that you deal with.

Real estate lawyers go through intense education and practices on a given scale which makes them highly practical of the situations in front of them. Inability to see a downside or identify a potential pitfall can result in substantial losses.

Therefore, practically conveying complex legal information is the trait of a great real estate lawyer. Once done with informing you of all the legal aspects of a transaction or deal, the real estate lawyer should be able to manage and organize the information according to Asaf Izhak Rubin.


While there are a number of competent real estate lawyers, what makes one best is an immaculate level of experience along with an impeccable level of skills. Combining the said factors with truthfulness and presentable qualities, you will not only benefit through favorable real estate deals but also learn more about the real estate markets.


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