6 Frequently Asked Questions About Protein Powder for Weight Loss


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Most people think that protein powders, especially those that contain whey protein, is only for bodybuilders who like to bulk their bodies up. However, whey protein is also a useful tool for people who are trying to lose weight. Here are frequently asked questions with answers on how you can use protein powder for weight loss.

6 Frequently Asked Questions About Protein Powder for Weight Loss

What is whey protein?

Protein powder is made from whey, which is the liquid part of the milk that gets separated during the cheese-making process. The separated liquid part of the milk is then turned into powder form. The separation process removes about 95% of the lactose component. The removal of lactose means that whey protein can also be taken by people who are lactose intolerant or allergic to dairy products.

What are the types of whey protein?

Manufacturers process whey protein into three types, namely whey concentrate, whey isolate, and hydrolysed whey. Whey concentrate contains around 70 to 80% protein and a relatively high amount of milk fat and sugar. Whey isolate has a higher amount of protein (90%), but with reduced fat and sugar content. Hydrolysed whey has zero per cent milk fat and sugar and digestive enzymes placed into the mix for easier digestion. Most of the whey protein products out in the market are of the whey isolate type.

Why is whey protein effective for weight loss?

There are three primary reasons why whey protein is an excellent supplement when you are planning a weight loss program.

  • Whey protein will cut down your sugar cravings. Studies have shown that sugar cravings are cut by as much as 60% when people take whey protein powder.
  • Whey protein is easy to prepare. You can easily make a whey protein shake if you have a blender bottle available on hand. Just add water, blend it, and you are ready to take your whey protein powder requirements for the day.
  • Whey protein will give your muscles enough protein during your weight loss program to prevent muscle loss. When you take whey protein during weight loss, the only things that break down are the fats and not the muscles.

What other benefits does whey protein have?

You will get a lot of benefits from taking whey protein. Whey protein improves the performance of the muscles, reduces blood pressure, and alleviates the symptoms of stress and fatigue. Most of the protein powders available in the market contain antioxidants that can help remove harmful toxins in the blood system.

When is the best time to take whey powder?

It will help if you take whey protein at least 30 minutes before and after your workout. Taking whey powder before exercise will give your muscles the necessary amounts of protein so that when the muscles start to catabolise, you have more than enough protein that the muscles can use. Taking protein after workouts will allow your muscles to recover and rebuild quickly. You can also take whey powder 30 minutes before a meal so that you will not crave for more food.

What should you mix whey powder with?

The best partner to mix whey protein with is distilled water or unsweetened nut milk. When you are planning to lose weight, you should avoid mixing protein powder with regular milk since milk has a lot of sugar content.

Whey proteins are not only for bulking up. People who plan to lose weight will get a lot of benefits when they incorporate protein powder into their diets.


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