How to Score 90% in The Class 9 Maths Exam?


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Everyone wants to score well in their Maths exam. But, for you to score well in your Maths exam, you need to go through a few preparations and study tips. However, what you need to keep in mind is that if you study Maths thinking that you have to score a 90% or 100% in the exams, then you might not be able to enjoy the topic you’re studying and it may start to affect your marks. Maths can be a nightmare for many. You can either get it right or be completely wrong. If you want to score good marks in Maths, you need to learn and understand the subject thoroughly.

How to Score 90% in The Class 9 Maths Exam?

As you know, Class 9 is when most students start preparing for their board exams next year, as well as competitive exams after Class 12. We know that CBSE has changed its exam curriculum and has introduced board exams after 8 long years. Hence, the Class 9 exam pattern and structure will help students to prepare for their Class 10 board exams as well as for all the future competitive exams.

The question paper for Class 9 Maths revolves around the NCERT textbook and the topics it covers. While this might be enough, if you want to score 90% in your final exam, you might have to start using other reference books as well. When you are using a Mathematics reference book, you will have a lot of questions to solve that will help you understand the topics better. You will also be able to access many unsolved problems for practice. Some concepts are explained in better detail in reference books than in the NCERT textbooks. Along with NCERT textbooks, you can even use NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Maths as the study material. With the vigorous practice of solving problems, you can easily score a 90% grade in your final exam.

Here are a few tips and preparation strategies you can use to get at least 90% in your Class 9 Maths exam:

1. Have a personal notebook

Maths is not like your other theory subjects. Math is all about problems, theories, concepts, and formulas. It is important for you to keep a personal notebook so you can revise all the important theories and formulas before the exam. This will help you prepare thoroughly, and it will ensure that you don’t forget all the important formulas. If you learn all the formulas without writing them down, you may forget them during the examination. Solving all the important NCERT questions in this notebook will also help you remember the steps that need to be followed during the examination.

2. Solve as many problems as you can

One of the best ways to be perfect at Maths is to solve as many problems as possible. There are a variety of problems that you will come across while trying to prepare for the subject. You can solve problems with all the sample question papers available. Apart from this, solving all the exercise questions available in the chapter will help you understand the chapter better. You should make sure that you try and solve these questions all by yourself. While solving these problems, you can even put on a timer to track how long you take to solve one problem. This ensures time management during the examination as well.

3. Know your syllabus, and pay attention to all the important chapters

You need to understand the syllabus, and the various sections involved in each chapter. Before writing your exam, you should find out the marks weightage of every single chapter. This way you can pay more attention to the chapters that have a high mark weightage and you will know exactly how much time to spend on each section of the syllabus.

4. Clear your doubts

You need to clarify any doubt you have in the chapters. Whether it is small or big, or if it is related to the exam or not, clarifying your doubts will give you scope for improvement. Once you clear your doubts, you will know what areas to focus on more. This will help you get a good score during your examination. For you to come up with doubts and look for certain improvements, you can solve as many sample question papers as you can. You can even write available practice tests. This will also help you understand all the chapters in the syllabus thoroughly.

5. Practice makes perfect

Maths is a type of subject that cannot be memorized. You need to practice this subject daily. To score at least 90% in your exam, you need to solve as many question papers, exercises, and activities available to you. You should solve all the textbook questions at least thrice to make you thorough. You can even solve previous year’s question papers. This will give you an idea of the question paper pattern and the type of questions you can expect during your examination. Solving question papers will also help you brush through all the concepts you learned before the exam.

6. Start with your course books and then jump to other reference materials

Many students skip preparing from their course books and instead directly jump to learn concepts from other reference materials. However, what you need to keep in mind is that most of the questions that are asked during the examination are taken from NCERT textbooks. For you to score at least 90% in your Maths exam, you have to strictly go through the concepts, theories, and formulas available in your NCERT textbook. You need to make it a habit of practising these questions and answers every day.

These are just a few tips for you that will help you prepare for your Class 9 Maths exam if you want to score at least 90%. Remember you need to keep practising Maths problems to become perfect. Just keep calm, take a deep breath, and be confident! Revise all the notes you made, trust your study process, and you will be able to do just anything! All the best for your exam!


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