Explore the Process Of Animated Explainer Video


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Creating the animated explainer video for the first time is a challenging process for the product and service. But when you get into this nerve-wracking activity, be mindful to do it perfectly. If you have the professional expertise to do it then you can go for it but otherwise, you can outsource animation production services from an experienced agency.

Explore the Process Of Animated Explainer Video

Whatever the situation is making from your own or getting it done from others, in the blog you will stroll through the several phases of the animation process. If you are looking for the right spot to get the data concerning the animation process then this is the right spot for you. To get an amazing animated explainer video for your business, this process would be helpful:

What’s more, we believe that if you follow this same animation process for your explainer video, you are likely to get an amazing animated explainer video for your business. Find those steps below:

Pay Attention To The Discussion

It is one of the most important steps to get you to the treasure of animation. If you are getting the services from the agency then share your idea with the professional animator, including your requirements, regarding the concept, and the features you wish to highlight.

Begin with the short brief regarding the video concept; they would give you a questionnaire that will possess the detail regarding the video’s motive, target audience, and pitch. After that, plan the meeting whether online or personal to discuss the concept in detail. Keep the conversation so clear so that the artist knows what to do.

Make The Concept & Script Powerful

The foundation of a good video is a powerful concept and script, the phase in the animation process. .one the idea is generated; make it conceptual, emotionally evoking, character-oriented, and conversational. Make sure to select the correct framework for the animated explainer video. There are two kinds of structure of the script:

  • Direct introduction of the services and product to explain the highlights and advantages after that.
  • Not straightforward introduction, express the current problem faced by the current target audience. And later introduce the product of service to show as the solution to those issues. Discuss the advantages and features later in the video.

Some notable tips to consider:

  • It is the ideal way to explain the product and service via customer journey.
  • Do not exceed the length of the explainer video over 90 seconds for the ideal video.
  • A video of 60 seconds has a script of 150 words.
  • It is significant to make the perfect brand personality that the script is memorable and captivating.
  • Keep the video content crisp to surprise the audience. Add the great narrative to grab the attention and wrap it tightly.

Carefully Select The Voice Over

You may even not realize that a voiceover can make the video hit or break. So decide carefully who is going to narrate your story to get into the third step of the animation process. Pay attention to the quality of the voice-over equally as it is essential to keep the interest of the customers. The script may get flop if it is not recorded in the perfect voice and represents the emotions at the wrong place.

Whether you want the male voice or female, ensure that it matches your brand’s tone. Like if you are associated with the Indian brand then use the correct accent to amplify the purpose of the video perfectly. There are some great online platforms where you can find voice-over artists with different profiles so you can select one of them for your video. For a professional result, you can also consider hiring a video production company like Vegas based company LocalEyes.

Prepare Storyboard To Know The Final Output

The step is to develop the storyboard that is the visual roadmap of the script in the animation process. It will help you to have an idea regarding the result you will have. It includes the way an animated explainer video will start to transform in shape. Create sketches that describe the visual aspects and the actions of the video. Also, animators are directed to create transitions, scenes, and progression through storyboards in their animated videos.

The fourth step of the animation process is to develop a super basic storyboard, resembling a comic strip of your script. It is a visual roadmap of the animation process, giving you very rough ideation about the final output you shall receive.

Select The Visual Style

It is crucial to develop the astonishing visual style customer to your brand, it plays a significant role in the animation process. It is made with the selected frames like character design so that you can see the finished video look at this phase. You can make changes according to your preference If you do not find anything well. You will have multiple options to create the style frame for your video so select the one that goes with your brand’s personality. Take your time as this phase needs lots of creativity and patience to find the best creative aura for your video.

Put Into Animation

Finally, you have reached the animation time. At this step, you will transform all the visuals into a real-life video. One needs to create the illustration perfectly with the quality voiceover to make the flawless animation explainer video. You will find this step demanding and time-consuming but you need to be tolerant enough for the amazing video for your business.

Wrap Up

You will find the process of animation so exciting and motivating if you are a creative person. Once you are done with the animation, select the suitable music that can grab the attention of the target customers in a moment. And after that, the video is ready to launch so upload it on your website, share it on social media platforms, and personally with your clients.


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