7 Ways to Improve Your Business Spend Management


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The US tech industry was worth around $1.6 trillion at the end of 2021. The reason for this is clear: technology is driving businesses on a scale like never before!

One area of business that has room for improvement with the use of new innovative technologies is business spend management. With the right platform, it’s possible to get your spending under control like never before!

Now, let’s take a look at seven ways you can improve your business spend management while incorporating technology along the way. By the end of reading this, you should feel much more confident about getting your business spending under control.

7 Ways to Improve Your Business Spend Management

1. Develop a Spend Management Policy

A spend management policy will ensure your spending flows in a predictable manner. Without a policy, different employees might spend in different ways than others making things complicated and potentially wasteful.

Your spend management policy will ensure that staff members comply with the way you want company spending. By having a policy, you can also mitigate the risks of fraud and theft.

2. Track Your Spending

Nowadays, it’s never been easier to track company spending. Spend management software can help you track spending across the entire company with little hassle.

Bentoforbusiness.com offers innovative spend management solutions so you can take control and keep track of company spending. They offer debit cards that you set limits on for staff members and you can stop the card from working with the click of a button.

3. Embrace Automation

There are many payments that your company needs to make that you can automate. With the right software, you can have suppliers paid along with various other payments without lifting a finger.

When you automate parts of your spending, you free up more time for more important things. For instance, you might want more free time to focus on marketing.

4. Teach Best Practices

Employees need to learn best company practices for spending. Your spend management policy should help you with teaching your staff these practices.

It may take some time and effort to get all your staff trained. But, once all your staff knows your best business spending practices, it will be worth it.

5. Centralize Your Spending

Spending is much easier to track and control when its management is centralized using technology. The right business software will give you clear reports on spending.

Also, if you have all your spending digitized, you may not need so many employees to work in accounts. A lot of the reports you will get will be automated too!

6. Reassess Your Goals

Your goals should help you decide the way you spend. Check on your goals and see if they need altering or not.

Either way, try to align your spending with your objectives as best you can. Also, make the necessary cutbacks. Here’s more on the subject of management by objectives (MBO).

7. Be Strict With Your Business Expenses

Whatever your spending plan and policy dictates, stick to it. Don’t spend a little extra here and there.

These small overspends might not seem a lot at the time. however, when you add up the overspends over the course of a year, they can look pretty intimidating!

For instance, many companies open an online business bank account which allows them to check their account, make free transfers, secure payments, and have hourly access to their incomes which allows them to quickly reinvest for the company’s growth. Such accounts can be integrated into other business tools which results in easier management.

Business Spend Management Tips Explained

You now have seven ideas that can help you improve your business spend management. The key is to embrace software and automation where you can take proper control over your business spending.

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