Myth or Fact? Balancing Acidic and Alkaline Foods for Your Stomach


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The idea of the need to balance the pH levels of our body by doing a special diet has been one of the trending matters about health nowadays. Yet, the demand for scientific pieces of evidence that will support those claims is still needed and questioned. Despite the essentiality of balanced pH levels for the body, normalizing it is more complicated. While there are claims that most foods nowadays are considered acidic, these foods are not just factors that can affect the body’s pH levels.

Myth or Fact? Balancing Acidic and Alkaline Foods for Your Stomach

The Alkaline Naturals highlights that the human body is sensitive to pH changes. However, the balancing of the alkaline and acid is vital to the blood. Fortunately, the body is sharp that it has its own mechanisms to guard its system over too much or too little alkalinity and acidity. Without these methods, the body will be very prone to chronic acidosis, alkalosis, and other diseases.

Balancing Acidic and Alkaline Foods for the Stomach

A body full of acid-forming foods can still balance the blood’s pH levels by releasing alkaline-rich minerals like magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus. If the body receives alkaline-rich meals, it receives more access to these minerals and can be transferred from other parts like bones, muscles, and immune system.

To add some alkaline-rich foods into your diet, consider doing the following:

  1. Consume water with lemon. This fruit may be acidic in nature, but it also has an amazing alkaline effect on the body once digested.
  2. Eat more fruits and vegetables, especially the green and leafy ones.
  3. Consume fruits on an empty stomach. Fruits are foods that are very quick to digest to our system. If we eat them after having a large meal, it needs more time to be absorbed by the body. Worse, we can experience effects like bloating and discomfort.
  4. Ensure to have enough healthy fats included in your diet. Most meal plans are insufficient in omega 3, which have adverse effects on the body. Some of these symptoms are weight gain due to reduced metabolism and digestion, skin problems, and a weak immune system.
  5. Minimize your sugar consumption. Sugar is the most common and available acidic substance we can get. Unfortunately, sugar triggers more disease into our system, so avoid processed foods and sugars. Instead, consider stevia or local honey as sweeteners.

The Bottom Line

One of the fantastic things in our body system is its ability to regulate its pH levels every minute. Both acidosis and alkalosis are serious medical problems. But unless your health is experiencing some severe weak signs, we do not have to worry about our body’s pH levels. However, we still have to take care of our health at all times, and one way to do so is to be particular to the foods we eat.


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