Useful Gifts for the Grillmaster in Your Life


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Do you know someone that loves grilling? Or perhaps they just like playing with big old fires in the backyard? In either case, you know just how difficult it can be to buy a grill master a gift.

While this should be simple, there is so much material that is readily available to barbecue fans that it often ends up asking what they might want, what they have, and what might be unusual for them.

Useful Gifts for the Grillmaster in Your Life

Grilling should be a rustic, labor-heavy exercise right? In most cases, this is true. However, a few good grilling gadgets and accessories can help take your loved one’s grilling game to the next level. Plus if they are still stuck in the Middle Ages of grilling, gifting them with the right gadgets can help to introduce them to 21st-century grilling.

Barbecuing and doing it right really is an art form. And for many grillers, it is a passion they bring to life every time they encounter an open flame. The most serious grill masters take pride in the food they prepare. They take time to ensure that their meats are perfectly seasoned, grilled, and tenderized, which requires the use of special tools and equipment.

Whether they need to assemble lobster rolls, prepare a killer bowl of coleslaw or grill anything and everything that hasn’t been nailed down yet, here are some useful gifts to help your special someone BBQ like a true VIP:

Burger press

Making a restaurant-quality burger is no small feat, even for the most experienced grill master. And it’s not just about the ingredients utilized or the grilling technique used that affects how good a burger will turn out. The burger patty itself has to be molded and pressed flawlessly.

Even after doing all this, the grill master still has to be careful that the burger doesn’t slip through the cracks of the grill or get stuck to it when cooking. Sounds complicated right? But not with the right burger press. A quality press can ensure that the burger patties remain on the grill until they are done, as well as make sure that the process of making the patties is stress-free.

A branding iron

All the best and fanciest steak houses have branded buns and meats. It is an excellent way to add a little flair to your BBQ. Perhaps the grill master in your life has considered his or her own branded meats but they just don’t realize how easy it is to make this a reality.

Ensure that that perfectly cooked burger has your favorite grill master’s name all over it with a custom branding BBQ iron. The branding iron will get your grill master’s initials on the surface f the steak before it becomes fodder for the humans on the table.

A Quality meat thermometer

Your loved one doesn’t have to play the guessing game when making steak any longer. With a quality meat thermometer, they can ensure that their steaks and meats are grilled perfectly each time. A meat thermometer is a must-have for any barbecue enthusiast worth his or her salt.

Aside from bad weather, the only other thing that can ruin a BBQ to epic proportions is overcooked meat. A meat thermometer will ensure that the grillmaster prepares his or her meat to perfection. Want to take things a notch higher? Consider going for a smart meat thermometer.

Unlike regular meat thermometers, a smart one is incredibly accurate and it can be left on the meat while it continues to cook on the grill. Like most smart gadgets, it will send messages to the griller’s iOS and Android app to keep the grill master informed of the meat’s temperature throughout the grilling process.

A chimney to put all others to shame

If your grill master is old school, then you must know that they prefer using charcoal over anything else. So get them a charcoal chimney starter as a gift to help speed up the painstakingly sluggish process of igniting their coal.

The best charcoal chimneys are powerful, which makes the process of lighting up coal quick and easy. Imagine having a handy tool that forces jet engine like power into the chimney so that the process of ignition can be sped up. With such a tool, you no longer have to wait around waiting for the tasty BBQ to be ready, which means that you can eat sooner than expected.

Insulated cooking gloves

Know a grillmaster that suffers from Encavmaphobia or the fear of getting burned? Get them a pair of insulated cooking gloves to make their job that much less terrifying. The best-insulated cooking gloves are cotton lined and they are coated using neoprene rubber, which makes them perfect for true-blue grillers that are forced to handle hot meat on the grill or smoker.

Not only are insulated gloves waterproof, but they are stain proof and most importantly, waterproof. They would suit anyone that has a fear of grilling on the open flame or anyone that prefers working with heavy-duty gloves over tongs, which is sometimes necessary when grilling humongous cuts such as whole pigs. Aside from grilling, these gloves are also great for taking food out of the oven.

Final Thoughts

Is the grill master in your life in dire need of some new grilling gear? There is no better way to make them smile than by gifting them with useful gifts that can improve their craft. Whether you are buying for a minimalist griller that prefers to use wood chips, a spatula, and nothing else or for someone that likes to pull all the stops with the latest grilling tech in the market, there is a grilling gift to suit every grill master in your life.

The good news is that for you, giving gifts is a lot more straightforward than for many other individuals that are shopping for hobbyless recipients. Because a griller’s heart pines for all things BBQ, it means that you won’t have to sort through countless gift options before finding the right pick. Whoever you are shopping for, he or she is going to love any of the above selections.


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