Top 8 Music Blogs That Provide Free Music All The Time


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The majority of the people who whether have the access to the internet or not, hear the music through websites but most of the people want this music to be downloaded. Online music sometimes has the problem of lagging because of unstable internet while you might not have the reach to the internet all the time.

However, there are different ways of downloading the music including the third-party apps for YouTube but most of the websites are fraud and just work to earn some bucks through displaying unintentional advertisements.

Top 8 Music Blogs That Provide Free Music All The Time

Remember, not all the websites are of the same layout as some very amazing music blogs provides the access to free download as well as live streaming of the music. Usually, these blogs are free of cost and don’t require any information about your details.

In this article, we will tell you some of the best music blogs that would provide you the best music of different niche to download as well as provide free access.


This is one of the amazing music blogs where you can find any type of Mp3 music, Albums of different niche, and popular Records of different artists. However, the biggest advantage is the free access to all of this music. However, it doesn’t require any subscription, registration, or any type of information.

You just need to visit the blog and click on the music you want to hear or download. For downloading, you just need to click on the button and it would take some seconds for advertisement, and then you would easily be downloading your music.

This music website is growing very faster while the most popular categories for music include Bachata Balada, Rap Mambo Merengue Tipico Dominican Christian music, and Pop Dominican Dembow.


2. ReverbNation

This is another music album providing a website that provides the music in specific niches. It provides the music of popular bands like Alabama Shakes, Imagines Dragons, and Civil Wars while they too contain the collaboration with these bands.

ReverbNation gets popular when they started sharing the free music of these bands for their fans to hear for free. This brand is one of the most popular websites as it cares for more than 4 million artists, labels, and users while this website provides an amazing user experience through its amazing web layout.

This website also provides the option to download your music without any registration.


3. SoundClick

SoundClick is another platform where you can download music for free directly through the website. Moreover, it provides the access to the music of different artists. This website features a paid membership which allows them to get the license. The SoundClick can offer these licenses and the user can use the music free of copyright in their videos or any other platform.

There is a huge collection available on this website through the sequences of genres. You can stream live or download the music according to your requirements.

4. DatPiff

If you are a Rap lover then this website is for you. This is because this website is for the hip-hop community that loves to hear the music for free. This website provides a mixed variety of music genres and you can watch it with the craze.

From the latest to 90s songs, this website has a huge collection while most of the musicians have uploaded the original compilation on this website. Not only the original songs, but the website also has some instrumentals for popular songs that are original.

The most important thing about this website is that along with the streaming music, the user can also download the music.



Still, love the FM? This website will make you hear the FM again with the latest songs as well as the songs that were released in the 90s are also available on this website. This website is functional on the internet since 2002 but it became popular in 2005 when Audioscrobbler took this charge.

It some amazing functions that are implanted on this website like it recommends the user through collecting the previous data and understanding the type of niche user loves. This way, you can find relevant music.


6. CCTrax

Want to get copyright free music? This website would provide you with creative commons music. For vloggers and content creators, this website is very amazing as they can get the music out of it. This website is safe to download the music because you won’t be getting any copyright issues when you use this music for your purpose.

This website provides the music according to the genres of the music while this music provides music including Electronics, Hip-Hop, Dub, Ambient, Techno, and some other music types.


7. Jamendo

This is another website with creative commons music for the users who want to use their music on any platform without any problem of copyright. The music on this website is free to use while most of the content creators are utilizing this website to get free music for their YouTube channels.

This website usually provides original music for its users through the original artists. If you exploring some new music then this website would provide you the top trending and according to your previous records.

Remember, the license you buy from this website at a fair price would allow you to use the music for your videos, commercial videos, films, YouTube channels, presentations, short films, or any other platform’s video.


8. Audiomack

Audiomack is another growing website for music. This is a website where you can get an amazing interface and easy navigation for hearing or download the music. This website is also considered as an alternative to SoundCloud.

This website is a platform for artists, music lovers, rising stars, and labels because it provides the platforms for making their music popular.

This website offers different genre’s music including Hip Hop, Electronic, and Reggae. You can hear the music for free without any registration or subscription.


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