Keeping Pools Ready To Swim – A Guide To Pool Maintenance


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Swimming pools require regular maintenance and servicing and individuals usually believe that adding some chemicals and skimming a net across the pool is all that’s required for its maintenance.

Keeping Pools Ready To Swim - A Guide To Pool Maintenance

However, there are certain other responsibilities that one needs to take care of. Therefore, one shouldn’t ignore regular maintenance by calling up a professional for pool repair and maintenance. This article explores the best practices of maintaining a pool.

Maintaining Alkalinity

Alkaline testing has significant importance in ensuring the health of the swimmers. The appropriate alkaline level is 100ppm (parts per million), and it also impacts pH levels. One can use a test kit that is easily available in the market or can seek professional help.

Testing the pH level

The pH level is the sign which shows the concentration of hydrogen ions in a solution, and for pools, an ideal range is between 7.0 to 7.4. These levels indicate if the water is acidic, alkaline, or neutral. Therefore, one should always check for the pH levels with the help of measuring kits or by calling up a professional pool repair and maintenance service provider.

Checking the filtration

Filtration ensures to keep the pool water clean by trapping dirt and other particles that may lead to water imbalance. It’s a wise idea to service the filter regularly, or else it keeps losing its efficiency. To do so, one can use porous stone, activated charcoal, sand, etc.

Cleaning the outdoor area

When talking about pool maintenance, it’s not only the inside, but the outside area of the pool requires cleaning as well. The reason behind this includes dirt and dust accumulation caused by movement of people and animals, falling leaves of plants, and wind.

Therefore, it’s important to clean the outer area, edge, and deck at regular intervals. Individuals should start the cleaning process from the inside out, i.e., from the edges to the opposite direction of the pool, so as to omit the chances of dirt falling into the pool.

It may appear to be a no-brainer, but keeping your pool clean, clear, and balanced is critical to its long-term enjoyment. It protects you and your family from pollutants and contaminants by keeping it clean, clear, and balanced. To solve the issue of your pool needs Pool safety check here for you.

Keeping an eye on the skimmer and prefilter

The skimmer plays a vital role in extracting the dirt on the pool’s surface and is located at the side. Weekly maintenance of this appliance is essential to help it retain its functioning and efficiency. Additionally, one should perform monthly maintenance for the prefilter, a component responsible for filtering larger dirt particles which the skimmer fails to grab.

Both skimmer and prefilter need to be cleaned manually. However, these tasks might seem daunting, and it necessitates calling up a professional pool repair and maintenance service provider from pool barrier inspections company.


Cleaning and maintaining the pool requires patience and regular screening. After all, it’s not just about spending a good time with friends and family but also affects one’s health. In addition, it’s difficult for any individual to identify any major issues in the flooring, walls, etc., that might require repairing.

Therefore, it’s wise to get in touch with a reliable and professional pool maintenance service provider to keep the pools ready to swim anytime within a justified cost.


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