4 Key Elements for Pulling Off Eclectic Design


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If you want your home décor to reflect all the aspects and all the shades of your vibrant personality, then you might want to make it eclectic. After all, a mixture of different styles can lead to an inspiring, interesting and dynamic living space you’ll adore. However, bear in mind that there’s eclectic and then there’s too eclectic, bordering with tacky, and the line between the two Is often a thin one. This then arises the question of how to pull all of it off. Fortunately, there are some basic rules you should follow and some good advice you should take when it comes to combining styles into an eclectic design. Here are some guidelines for you.

Dress up different styles in a single color

When introducing more than one décor style into one room, you should make sure that there is a base color which could serve as a foundation for these styles. This goes for walls, but also bigger pieces of furniture in the room. For example, if the bed in your master bedroom is a contemporary one, but you want the rest of the room to lean towards something more traditional, it’s as easy as choosing any pieces you like, but in the same color of the bed. The key is to have some common theme binding the space together, so that it doesn’t look too chaotic or mismatched. On the other hand, by opting for a subtle neutral color for your walls and the majority of your furniture pieces, you can feel free to match them with colorful cupboards, coffee tables or an armchair in bohemian style. If you’re feeling particularly playful, it’s also ok to make your dining room eclectic by picking a table and chairs in different styles, but try to get them in a single color, however bold that color may be.


Have fun layering

To successfully decorate any room in eclectic design, you should know how to layer pieces. After all, it’s what eclectic design comes down to in the end, combining completely different colors, patterns, elements or textures to create a well rounded whole. Perhaps you can start with a combo of subtle and bold pieces. When doing this, don’t forget that the bigger pieces of furniture are normally the ones which set the tone to the room and determine its predominant style. You can then add statement pieces in other styles to this main one. A good idea would be to look for some elegant coffee brown leather sofas for sale, pick one whose size and shape fit your living room, and then put some accent to it by covering it with fabric cushions. These can be any size you’d like and perhaps some bolder color, such as light blue, green or even yellow. You can also place some other sitting pieces around the sofa, such as a woven chair or even a bench, but try to find a common ground between them and any of the other pieces in the room, whether in color, texture or style.

Match items in similar size and shape

Another smart way of combining different styles is to make sure that you get items which are approximately the same shape and size. This is how you can create somewhat of a balance and serenity in your home, despite the fact that you’ve managed to introduce several styles and even colors in your living space. For instance, if you’re getting armchairs and chairs in completely different styles for one room, try getting only those which have rounded armrests, or ones which are about the same height. This works with other objects as well. For instance, shelves, cupboards or even decorative items, such as lamps, candelabras or vases. For an eclectic bedroom, why not getting two different nightstands around your bed? They can each come in their own distinctive style, but they can still have a lot in common if you get them in the same height, size or shape. When playing with styles, it’s sometimes easy to overdo it, so don’t forget that the room should look logical, instead of hectic and overwhelming.


Set the mood properly

In case you are truly keen on mixing totally different styles, but still want to keep some balance and harmony in your living space, you can rely on mood to connect those styles. The key is to decorate the space using two or even more different styles, but that they are bound by a single and a very clear feel in the room. Therefore, if you had a laid-back room in mind, you can go for informal furniture. The pieces can be in more than one style, but perhaps you can choose similar textures or simple lines for them, so that they appear as they were planned to be a set. On the other hand, if you want a simple-looking room, perhaps the best combination would be contemporary and Shaker furniture, since it’s minimalist and straightforward. This lovely mixture of styles, while eclectic, can result in an inviting space where you’ll be able to calm down after anything your day presents you with.

When decorating your living space, keep in mind that it’s your safe haven and that the most important thing is for you to like it. That being said, enjoy decorating your living space and the result you end up with.


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