Still In Love With Your Ex? Here’s What You Can Do To Win Her Back!


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Are you still madly in love with your ex-girlfriend? Are you uncertain about how to approach her and win her back? Well, we have some ideas and suggestions for you. Winning back your ex-girlfriend can be easy if you go about it the right way. Don’t be nervous. If you want to reignite old flames, you need to be confident and straightforward. We have a list of tips and suggestions that may help you get back together with your ex. These tried and tested methods have proved to be extremely helpful for many. Read below to find more info.

Still In Love With Your Ex- Heres What You Can Do To Win Her Back

Start With A Casual Friendship

A lot of people tend to end their friendship with their ex once the relationship has been called off. If you and your ex no longer talk, then the first step you need to take towards winning her back is beginning to talk to her again. There are chances that at first, she may find it very odd. You also may feel awkward when you’re trying to become friends with the woman you love and want back. Without a basic friendship, you will never know where she stands and how she feels about you. If she has moved on, she may straight away decline your advance. Hence, becoming friends again is essential if you want to eventually try to win her back.

Have Phone Conversations And Hang Out

Once your ex has accepted your friendly advance, the next step will be to keep in touch regularly. You can call her and have telephonic chats with her. You can even ask her to meet you for dinner or a movie. Keep in mind that when you do call her, you need to call her at a civilized hour and not at vague hours of the night. You may still be in love with her, but she may not feel very comfortable about attending to your phone calls in the middle of the night. Drunk dialling is an absolute no-no. Also, when you take her out for a meal or for coffee, avoid going to places that the both of you may have frequented before. Old places may carry bitter old memories. Instead, take her to new places and build happy new memories even when you’re just friends. This will help in gaining back her confidence in you.

Drop Subtle Hints

If you’re absolutely uncertain about where she stands in life, you need to start dropping subtle hints about how you feel. When you first start going out with her as a friend, she may not open up to you completely. She may be jilted from the breakup and she may not trust you enough to completely be herself. In such a case you will never be able to figure out whether she still has feelings for you. The best way to get around to finding out is by dropping subtle hints about your feelings. Maybe you can take her to a restaurant she really likes, or you can get her a beautiful bouquet of flowers and so on. Once she starts picking up the hints she will probably react in accordance. If she still sticks around after she has started picking up the hints then there are chances that she still loves you as well.

Profess Your Feelings To Her

Once you have been out with her enough times as a friend and hints have been dropped, it’s time you professed your feelings to her. No matter how many hints you drop, you can’t expect her to make the first move. The best way to take the next step forward is by telling her how you feel and admitting very straightforwardly and honestly that you still love her. Do not make the mistake of misleading and playing games, it will only end up backfiring on you. If the breakup was your fault, admit your mistakes and apologize for all the things that you may have done to hurt her. Tell her that you love her and that you want to be with her again. Give her the confidence that you won’t end up messing up from your end again.

Give Her Time

Once you have admitted to her how you feel about her, you need to give her some time to figure out where she stands. Even if she does love you, she may need some time to get back in the relationship. She may want to go about it slowly and not just jump into it at the first sign. Don’t hound her if she isn’t able to give you an immediate response. Give her a few days and maybe even a few weeks. You can continue going out with her as a friend but don’t have expectations when you take her out.

Show Her That You Have Changed For The Good

Last but not least, you need to prove to her that you’re a better person than the man she was once dating. She needs to know that you have improved as a person and grown mentally and emotionally into a more mature and stable human being. Don’t just put on an act of chance but be the change itself. If you think that you can pretend to change just to win her back, you will eventually end up losing her again.

These steps have proven to be extremely useful and have helped countless men to get back together with their ex-girlfriends. If she really does love you the way you love her and the breakup was just a silly fight, there are major chances that the both of you will end up back together. Build her confidence and trust when you’re rebuilding the foundation of your friendship with her. Remember, a relationship is always stronger and has more potential to last if you and your partner are great friends. Don’t waste another second and start working on winning back your lady love now!


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