Four Things to Look for When You Need Storage During a Long-Distance Move


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Every long-distance move has many moving parts, and everyone’s needs and wants can differ. Those parts must align perfectly for everything to go as initially planned, and that is not always the life case. People require storage during cross-country moves for all different reasons, but regardless of why it has become a sudden necessity – having the best long-distance moving companies available to you is essential.

Whether you are moving away from Colorado or into the Mile High City – locating a rental or home to buy is a challenge, especially when there are many additional outside factors and influences. Your household should always be your top priority, but your belonging comes next. So, what happens when you have already loaded your belongings onto a moving truck and suddenly have a family emergency or a change in career path/job opportunity or haven’t yet located a property to rent or purchase? This is why safe, reliable storage solutions have also become a main priority and should always be examined before your moving date arrives.


If you leave all of your household goods in storage with long-distance movers, you want to secure the safety of your items. It is pertinent to ask questions when speaking with your moving representative, and when it comes to the safety and condition of your belongings, you can ask questions like the following:

  • Do you have security cameras in place throughout your storage facility or warehouse?
  • Are my belongings kept separate from other clients, and if so, how are those items separated and kept organized?
  • Is there a security and alarm system in place for your facilities?
  • Are there employees present in the facility?

Cleanliness & Temperature

General cleanliness and the overall appearance of storage facilities are just as important as any other factor because you don’t want your household goods in an unorganized warehouse – this could lead to lost or damaged items. Long-distance moving is stressful enough; if you have the chance, request photos of the facilities or take the time to visit before the move date!

If your belongings will be in storage short-term or long-term, the temperature of the warehouse or storage facility matters. Temperature-controlled properties are critical in maintaining the original state of your goods. This is another crucial reason to take a tour of the property before choosing to move forward with booking your long-distance move. Even if you don’t foresee utilizing the storage options – you never know what life has in store for you or how the moving process will proceed.

Pest Control

When your items sit in one place for a time as you await transit or search for a new home in your delivery location, they should remain intact and in the same condition as they departed. In warehouses, houses, apartments, and just about any property – pests can be a problem. Having random insects or rodents running around isn’t the most appealing thought when your household goods are many miles away. Long-distance movers must maintain their licensing, insurance, moving trucks, and facilities, including pest control.

Professional moving facilities will uphold and protect your belongings no matter what because it is their priority to create a safe environment and to ensure you have a seamless moving experience. Moving storage facilities should always be in tip-top shape, remain clean and well-maintained, and have regularly scheduled pest control to defend customers’ belongings so that once they are ready for delivery, everything arrives without damage and in pristine condition!

Consider Timeline & Affordability

You may only sometimes be able to foresee whether or not storage will be required for your long-distance move, but it is crucial to ask about pricing and storage timeline options. Most companies should offer short- and long-term storage options and the opportunity to prorate storage costs when needed. This creates an inclusive and accessible environment for all clients attempting to relocate – even when things don’t quite go as planned.

Eden’s Moving Services are Colorado’s go-to long-distance moving company – offering local, residential, and commercial moving services. Eden’s provides premium storage solutions to defend and protect clients’ household goods and belongings until they are ready to receive the delivery. Whether short or long-term, the environment is temperature controlled, secured, and immaculate. When you are entering the journey of relocating across the country, you must be mentally prepared for anything. While the possibilities are unending, so is the possibility of unexpected events, and if that occurs, leaning on professional movers who provide elite packing and storage services will help to create a stable and easy relocation experience!


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