How to Convert Binary to Text Version And Text to Binary Version?


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Sometimes you need to write the text every day on your computer, mobile, or Facebook since it contains its assembling binary number. Well, you can do this easily. Keep in mind that the digital device knows nothing but the binary number by binary translator to english
that includes only a sequence of 0s and 1s. Therefore, when you are required to write anything on the computer or mobile, or any other device, you should keep in mind that every character you write is converted into binary. Well, a free online binary code translator is designed that helps you to do this just in a couple of seconds. However, if you want to understand how to convert binary to text, then read this informative article since it will give you all information about this.

What is a Binary Number?

Generally, a binary number indicates the base of the Digital system. In the field of mathematics and digital electronics, the Binary number works as a number system that includes Decimal, Octal, and Hexadecimal. Remember that this number system indicates a positional number system and its base is 2. The best thing about this number is that it uses only 0 and 1. And each digit is known as a bit. This number system is executed in the form of digital circuitry because of its direct implementation. It is important to know that the binary system is used by all computers and computer-based devices. Well, you can use a free online binary translator to convert numbers into binary instantly.

How To Convert Binary To Text Version?

Let’s consider you have binary digits and you want to convert them into a corresponding text version. Keep in mind that this is one sort of encoding and decoding of data. After that, you can follow the given below methods to convert binary to text. In this blog post, you can easily follow two methods to do this.

Method 1: By Using Binary To Decimal Conversion

If you have a binary number that indicates a sequence of bits (0 or 1), then you can follow the given below steps to convert the binary number to text.

Step #1:

First of all, you have to begin with the grouping binary number where each group contains 8 bits. Then start from the start to group the binary string. Once you arrived at the end, if the last group doesn’t have 8 bits, then you have to fill the group by adding 0s.

Step #2:

Now you have to convert each group of the binary number that includes 8 bits to its corresponding decimal value. Keep in mind that these decimal values contain the ASCII values of the characters in the computer.

Step #3:

Then you have to check the ASCII chart and convert each decimal value to its corresponding character.

Step #4:

Once you have to convert each group of a binary number to its corresponding character, then you have a text version of the binary number.

Well, this method also follows this free online binary to text converter and you can also do this type of calculation from this tool.

Method 2: By Using Binary–Hexadecimal Conversion

However, hexadecimal is a number system that contains a base of 16: 0 to 9 and A to F. You are assigned a binary number that indicates a sequence of bits (0 or 1). Well, you can solve this by following the given below steps:

Step #1:

At the initial stage, you have to start grouping the binary number where each group contains 4 bits. Then you have to begin from the start of the group that has a binary string. Once you reach the end, if the last group doesn’t have 4 bits, then you have to fill the group by adding 0s. Consider you are assigned a binary number 00111101. Then break the number like this: 0011 1101.

Step #2:

Then you have to convert each group into a single hex digit. It means that 0011 1101 will be a 3D hex.

Step #3:

After that, you have to start to make pair the hex number. Then start at the end to pair the hex number. Once you have reached the start, if the last pair doesn’t have 2 hex numbers, then you have to fill the pair by adding 0 as a prefix. Then you have to make two pairs to combine a character. ‘A’ = 41 hex, ‘a’ = 61 hex. Therefore, you have to subtract 40 hex for uppercase letters and 60 hex for lowercase letters. This method is also followed by this online binary translator for free.

Example to convert binary to text:

Let’s discuss an example to clarify your concert by converting the binary to the text version.

For example, 0100 1010B = 4A hex. So, 4A hex – 40 hex = 10 decimal = 10th alphabet = ‘J’.
0110 1001B= 69 hex. So, 69 hex – 60 hex = 9 decimal = 9th alphabet = ‘i’. When you do the same thing for the full binary number, then you will get easily your text. Well, you can also verify this example with this free online binary to text converter.

How do you read binary numbers?

To read binary numbers, follow these steps:

Step #1:

● Understand the Positional Number System

Step #2:

● Start from the Right

Step #3:

● Assign Powers of 2

Step #4:

● Calculate the Decimal Value

Step #5:

● Simplify the Calculation

Step #6:

● Read the Decimal Value


In summary, we can say that converting binary to text version and text to binary version plays an important role in different fields. Here we discuss the two best methods to convert binary to text version. Apart from that, you can use this free online binary to text converter to do this type of conversion. In addition to that, you can also read text that converts the binary into text with the assistance of this online binary code translator. This tool is very simple and easy to use for everyone. And this tool is free of cost.


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