Amazing Tips for Decorating with Vintage Finds


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Vintage furniture can be a great way to decorate your home. It adds a touch of charm to your home and allows you to express your aesthetic side using a larger and more in depth pallet of tastes. At the same time, these features could work quite well with modern design as well, by breaking the monotony of it. These pieces aren’t that difficult to find if you know where to look and there are always yard sales to check out since that’s a great way to save even more.

Amazing Tips for Decorating with Vintage Finds



As is the case with any decoration, it’s the color pallet that keeps the room together and sets the tone and the aesthetic of the room. The decisions about the color pallet very much depend on what kind of time era your furniture comes from. For instance, if you’re into the look and aesthetics of the 50s and 60s, the furniture will be rather bright and warm and the lighting should be used to showcase them. When you decide on something older, you’ll need to have the carpet and the walls match the darker and more soothing tones.

Showcase the pieces

A lot of the times, the vintage pieces are a décor on their own. They should serve a purpose, but the main reason to purchase them is to put them on display and showcase the vintage piece you’ve managed to find, preserve or restore. This is done by staging the piece within a room, but also with clever lighting. For instance, you could accomplish soft and flattering lighting with a wall mounted lights behind the piece you want to emphasize. This isn’t a small project to undertake and you’ll do better to hire an Electrician from Inner West to install them.



Mix and match

There’s no reason for this vintage trend to be limiting for you. Instead, it should enrich your home and give you a variety of options to work with when it comes to design. This can be accomplished by creating an eclectic style that mixes and matches your modern pieces with the vintage ones. There are no real rules to follow when it comes to this other than going overboard. It’s always important to have in mind that a piece will stand out if it’s a unique feature of the room and if it’s not overcrowded, meaning that you need to try hard if you want to emphasize one style over the other.

Architectural elements

Vintage elements of a home don’t have to be furniture pieces, but actual architectural elements of the property as you’ve bought it. These are often rather noticeable since they have no place in a modern home and the best way to go is to emphasize them and use them as décor pieces. For instance, there are often chimneys for the in-house furnace or built in niches for old time phones. There’s no way to hide these with furniture so you shouldn’t try to.

Vintage features can make a great addition to your home since they are both practical and create an ambience and aesthetic for the room they are placed in. These furniture pieces are also less expensive than new ones and they often require just a bit of repair. It’s also fine to mix and match these features with more modern and contemporary ones. The key is not to go overboard and use the design to emphasize the vintage features and make them into statement pieces. This is accomplished by both staging and lighting the vintage furniture with this goal in mind.


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