6 Tips for UPSC CDS Exam


UPSC CDS is conducted by UPSC two times every year. BIS exam is used to evaluate applicants for Indian Army, Navy and Airforce. This exam has a lot of competition every year since it has many applicants who try to apply for the air force, army and navy. CDS exam is organised by the government. The applicants who are selected in the exam are then called for an interview and medical test. Once the applicant has cleared all of these levels, they are selected. Applicants will have to write three papers which are in general knowledge, English and mathematics. Each paper is graded out of hundred marks. The following tips are to help you score more marks than the average and increase your chances to get selected. The exam fee can be paid through IPPB.

6 Tips for UPSC CDS Exam

● Syllabus – It is essential for every applicant to know the exam pattern and syllabus. Knowing this helps the applicant in having a better idea about the most important topics that they should focus on while preparing. Knowing the syllabus also helps them in being able to plan better about their study schedule which they need to follow in order to crack CDS exam.

● Mock Exams – It is essential for an applicant to attend a few mock exams prior to writing the final UPSC CDS exam. Solving the previous year question papers help the applicant in knowing the most important topics that are to be expected in the exam. It also helps the applicant in figuring out their time management skills.

● Strengths and Weaknesses – There will always be topics that the applications are very familiar with and the topics are they are not quite comfortable with. It is advised that the applicants finish the difficult topics first in order to feel more confident and to prevent the racking up of all the difficult topics to the end. If the applicant is looking to score above the cut off marks then they should not focus on just one subject but rather spread their time to all the subjects and topics. Diversity in learning is more important than specialisation.

● Techniques – The applicants are advised to remember the few keywords that they can recollect during the exam which will help them remember the whole topic. This is a memory technique in order to trigger a chain of thoughts. Learning the shortcut techniques in mathematics also helps save a lot of time and having more time at hand prevents you from panicking.

● Studies Schedule – The applicants are advised to maintain a strict study schedule that they follow without any distractions. It is advised that the applicant can study for 2 hours in one go and take a break of 15 to 30 minutes following that. It is very essential to stay away from distractions during the preparation.

● English Section – It is very important for the applicant to have proficiency in English. The English section is one of the easiest ways to score more marks in the exam. If the applicants are not confident about their English skills then they must focus on reading daily newspapers and magazines and note down the difficult words and learn the meaning. This helps in improving vocabulary as well as general knowledge.

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