Planning to Do Bitcoin Mining? Check Out These FAQs Beforehand


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If you are into Bitcoin investment, you must have heard of the term “Mining”. If you are curious to know more in detail, this informative article has got you covered. Read on to know more in detail.

Planning to Do Bitcoin Mining

1. What is bitcoin mining?

Bitcoin mining is a process of creating new bitcoins by solving cryptographic hash puzzles. It is a computational work where the miners have to verify transactions of a block. The verification is done by solving that puzzle. Once the block gets verified the miners receive new bitcoins as a reward for their work.

2. How does bitcoin mining work?

When it comes to Bitcoin mining, at first, the Bitcoin transactions are stored in blocks of Blockchain. The amount of data is different in every block depending on how many transactions are stored. The miner downloads a block on his computer. So he got access to the entire history of transactions. After that, he verifies all the transactions and thus the Blockchain by solving mathematical puzzles. Once the data gets verified, the miner receives bitcoins as a reward.

3. What is a cryptographic hash puzzle?

A cryptographic hash puzzle is a 64-digit hexadecimal number that contains a bunch of zeros in its starting followed by numbers and alphabets. The miners of bitcoin try to guess a target hash number that is similar to the largest hash number in the bitcoin network algorithm- SHA256. The number that the miners come up with should be equal or the closest smaller to the target hash number to solve the puzzle. This is what kind of mathematical equation is needed to be solved in Bitcoin mining.

4. What do you need to mine bitcoin?

Mining bitcoin is a very power-consuming process. Earlier, the mining used to be done on computers by normal central processing units (CPUs). So, the process was slow. But mining bitcoin requires lots of energy and a strong hardware system. Now, mining is done by large hardware pools that make the process less time-consuming. A beginner miner needs to have the following things.

  • Competitive mining computers- ASIC mining rigs
  • Power supply
  • Mining software
  • Mining pool membership

5. What mathematical calculation goes on in bitcoin mining?

Bitcoin mining is done by mining a part of a block that is called the block header. The block header has six things in it that are needed to mine the block. Among them, the Difficulty target part and the nonce part are the essential part where the mathematical process goes on.

Difficulty target: This is the main part of mining. It set a computational difficulty level that the miner has to solve. It is a 64-digit cryptographic hexadecimal number that has a bunch of zeros, in the beginning, having the same string length as the largest hash number of the PoW algorithm which is SHA256. The miner put all his effort to come up with a 64-digit hash number that is equal to or very closely smaller than that Difficulty target number. Now, the process is not that simple. It has some more complexity. At a point in time, many miners around the world are trying to get the closest number. The one who will come first with the closest number will be considered the winner and get rewarded. So, two criteria have to be fulfilled together.

  • The 64-digit hash number should be equal to or very closely smaller than the difficulty target hash number.
  • The result that comes first will be the actual result. So, the process is not only complex, but it also takes skills of solving puzzles quickly.

6. Is bitcoin mining similar to bitcoin trading?

Bitcoin mining is not similar to bitcoin trading; in the mining process, the generation of new Bitcoin unites are taken into action. Whereas, bitcoin trading is just like any other commodity trading. You have to register in a bitcoin trading exchange like the Bitcoin Era and open a bitcoin trading account. By trading bitcoin successfully, you gain profit on bitcoins market value.

Final Words

So, these were some important FAQs you needed to know about Bitcoin mining. Next time onward, when you prepare yourself for Bitcoin trading, these aforementioned points will be of helpful use to you.


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