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Every person or family has a reason to tour Hawaii. Some like this place for its mesmerizing locales, while others consider it a sports paradise with various activities. If you are an aviation enthusiast, options like helicopter tours, parasailing, and skydiving will be most tempting. Many people consider skydiving an experience of a lifetime, which they want to tick off their bucket list. The idea of trying the next jump can be far-fetched imagination for a few, though.

Interestingly, thousands of first-time skydivers emerge every year in the US. A lot of them attempt the second skydive, too. As they continue to indulge in this, their morale gets a new kick, especially when they obtain the licenses. Eventually, skydiving translates into their hobby.

Do you want to participate in this aviation sport type? This thriving sport welcomes solo as well as team participation. If you plan to visit Hawaii soon, buy suitable t-shirts for this recreation/ sport. For collection, you can search a site called You will come across varieties featuring different airlines with quirky or classic themes. Dig into the options to select anything that appeals to your taste and passion for skydiving. Some newbies wonder if casual t-shirts are allowed.They say skydiving can be experienced in any comfortable attire. Now, let’s figure out the best places to skydive in Hawaii.


You can head to Honolulu to get up and close to the magnificent drop zones on this island. This location offers you some of the most fascinating skydiving adventures. When the plane is at 2,000 feet in the sky, you jump to witness the incredible panoramic vistas of Honolulu and Oahu Island. Be ready to be treated by the stunning Pacific Ocean and volcano views. If you are a tandem skydiver, you may pay anywhere from USD $250-1600 for this experience. After topping it with a few extra dollars, you can take advantage of video or photo packages.


When you skydive in this part of the island, your eyes can feast on the splendor of enticing coastline, sea, volcanoes, and mountains. As you drop from 14000 feet, your mood-enhancing hormones will hit your mind and body.


Skydiving on this side means watching a gigantic volcanic mountain like the Haleakala volcano. The sights of cascading waterfalls and streams will further soften the rugged rendezvous, enhancing the charm of the entire panorama.

Best Hawaii seasons for skydiving

If you want to make your trip adventurous, skydiving is an ideal option to explore from April to May and September to October. These are also the perfect seasons for snorkeling and surfing. After all, the sky and beach views remain clear. Do you want to avoid crowds? In that case, November can be the best bet. For affordable skydiving trips, you can target mid-May and June, though.

No other aviation sport can match the fun and thrill of skydiving as you take the leap of faith caressed by the wind with a rapidly racing heartbeat only to admire the exhilarating views of the exquisite surroundings from thousands of feet height. Only daredevils and thrill-lovers can enjoy an anti-gravity journey like this. So, wear a chic T-shirt and get started!


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