All You Need To Know About Crop Tops


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There is no exaggeration when stylists say that a woman’s summer wardrobe would be incomplete without Crop tops. Owing to the comfort, versatility, and style that they have to offer, these tops are highly sought after by women worldwide. One can wear these for long hours and still be at ease as they are extraordinarily summer-friendly and ensures maximum comfort for the wearer in almost all seasons. Furthermore, these tops can be worn for virtually any occasion, and they can be paired with shorts, jeans, skirts, palazzos, jackets, etc., since they are very adaptable. With enterprising sellers coming to the fore in Australia, women can buy Crop tops online at affordable rates from the comfort of their homes.

All You Need To Know About Crop Tops

Why do women love Crop tops?

Crop-lengthed tops are available in wide-ranging colours, patterns, fabric variants, and designs. Pairing such a top with one’s favourite denim or jacket on any day can immediately recall that 90’s vibe and give an instantly sexy look to every woman. Besides, crop-lengthed tops essentially dismantle the ‘body size’ myth being circulated by our condescending society by allowing women of different body shapes to flaunt their strong point. Women across the world prefer them as they are essential and impeccable at the same time.

Things One Should Keep in Mind before Wearing a Crop Top

Know the Varieties

As with the case of every modern apparel, crop-lengthed tops are available in different varieties. Specific variants are shorter and reveal a bit more when compared with the regular tops. The 1983 movie Flashdance played a crucial role in popularising crop-sized tops across the world. Nevertheless, East Asian variants like Dudou and Yem are also now being broadly considered under crop-lengthed tops. They also come in different fabrics such as cotton, velvet, denim, silk, etc. The spaghetti variant made of polyester is now popular among teenagers, whereas one-sided frill variants have been in vogue since the 90s.

Prep your Skin

Since Crop tops are revealing, moisturising the skin before wearing the top will enhance your overall appeal. Besides, prepping the skin before putting on a crop-lengthed top can also be a great morale booster for the wearer. Waxing (if preferred) is also recommended.

Be at Ease

It is primarily essential while wearing any apparel. While wearing a crop-sized top for the first time, at least some women would face some inhibition as they immediately become aware of societal perception (again, the ‘body size’ myth in action). One does not need abs to put on a crop-lengthed top. Just relax and be proud of what you are. The only thing to consider is that one can prefer wearing a top made of heavy fabric to make sure that they sit well on one’s body.

The Perks of Wearing a Crop-Sized Top

Be at Home

Parties and similar outdoor events make the perfect occasion to wear a crop-lengthed top. The common problem that women face during such parties is humidity due to the heaviness of the apparel. These tops are well-suited for all kinds of events, and they help the ladies tackle the hot weather.

Impress your Loved One

Are you in search of the perfect dress for your date night? Crop-sized tops allow one to look stylish and elegant at the same time, and hence wearing them gives one the best chance to impress their beau.

Choose from a Plethora of Options

Even the most severe perfectionist would not complain about the lack of options for crop-sized tops. As mentioned above, different varieties of tops are available in other cultures as they have a tradition that spans centuries.


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