Reasons Why Arranged Marriage Have a Success Rate


Indian parents always prefer to have arranged marriages for their children. They want to lead by knowing the family well before and selecting the girl according to their culture and religious preferences. When we talk about any marriage bureau in Ludhiana Punjab, they prefer to listen to both parents and expected candidates for marriage as it helps to match the profile perfectly. There is a wide range of choices and scope during an arranged marriage to select a partner without any pressure on the head. One may take time to know the person and the family and then make a final decision since it allows talking, knowing and if not feeling comfortable, go for the next, which is not possible in the case of love marriages. Therefore, your child is stuck to marrying the person.

Reasons Why Arranged Marriage Have a Success Rate

Benefits of an arranged marriage, and still, they are leading the marriage market:

● Choices: when it comes to arranging a marriage, you may look for various choices and finalize the one you like the most. Even if one has specific issues, it is compulsory to marry the same person in some cases.

● Expectations: During an arranged marriage, both the families are familiar and know what the other one is bringing. The responsibility and rules to be catered to are also clear from the initial days. There are no false expectations, which are high chances in the case of a love marriage. If there are certain expectations that the other family has, you do not agree with them, and there is a chance of saying no.

● The courtship and meeting period: this is one of the particular phases of life that remain with you for life, as it is the only time you are officially allowed to hold hands and get to know each other well before marriage. This phase is unforgettable; apart from all those marriage responsibilities and expectations, you may fly free with your partner. Most people know each other in love marriages, so there are no such butterflies.

● Social compatibility: in cases of love marriage, you have to accept whatever you get in the bucket, but during the arranged marriage, you may check everything earlier if you say yes to a match. If you feel something fishy, it is easier to say no.

● Your parents do their best for you: your parents can predict the future well, and your parents have seen the world. They are a better judge of people when it is to their children. Many parents prefer to reach the Royal Matrimonial which is the best marriage bureau in Noida, to get the best options for their child.

Arranged marriages are common in India as Indian families are still connected to their roots and prefer to collectively make decisions. Arranged marriage allows everyone to check all the possibilities that may turn into an argument in the future. There is a chance you may also check horoscope matchmaking for both bride and groom who tell the expected compatibility of the would-be couple.


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