Custom Cardboard is the Key to Scaring off Your Competitors


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We all hate our competitors, right? You know the ones-the businesses that lure away our customers, or the companies that offer lower prices on similar products and services. If you’re trying to run your own business and stay competitive in today’s market, you need to be able to beat them at their own game. That’s why custom cardboard boxes are essential when it comes to protecting your business from other competitors. Take a look at how custom cardboard can help scare off your competitors!

Custom Cardboard is the Key to Scaring off Your Competitors

The advantages of using custom cardboard

Cardboard is one of the most versatile materials on earth. You can bend, form, cut, and glue it into a million different shapes and sizes. In order to do that though you need a high-quality cardboard product like Printing’s custom cardboard. UV printing has been in business have many oy years and this have a unique art of cardboard printing. Unlike other companies who print on flimsy corrugated boards, UV Printing prints directly onto rigid corrugated cardboards that are up to 60% thicker than others.

This makes them much more durable so they last much longer in any environment you use them in. The custom packaging companies also have a UV coating which protects them from fading and gives them a glossy look. Not only that but because they are made from recycled paper, this helps reduce their carbon footprint too! Finally, because these boards are manufactured in different countries, it means less shipping costs for you too!

Why use personalized boxes?

Custom cardboard packaging make for an excellent promotional tool that can help you stand out from the competition. It’s not just about style and aesthetics though, printed boxes are a great way to promote your message and get your brand in front of potential customers. A custom box will also do wonders for your marketing, but what if you don’t have enough budget?

How can you personalize the boxes?

Luckily, there’s another option, personalized cardboard. With these, you can still reap all of the benefits of using custom cardboard without having to fork over as much dough. How so? Well, with this service, you can choose whatever design or image best suits your brand and then upload it directly onto a ready-made template in order to produce a colorful and eye-catching cardboard container with your logo on it.

Unique ways of grabbing the customers

Select the size of your custom cardboard based on how many people you want to attract with this design. The smaller the space available on the board, the less information can be displayed but this also makes it more attention-grabbing as there is less competition for attention. Lastly, choose the type of material for your custom cardboard. Is it going to be indoors or outdoors? Is it just for temporary use or do you plan on keeping this design around? There are different materials that would serve different purposes.

How to create simple, cool-looking box designs in no time

Do you want your business to stand out from the competition? The answer is custom cardboard. It’s a great way to get your product packaged and ready for shipment quickly, at a low cost. There are many options when it comes to designing custom cardboard, so whether you’re looking for something simple or artsy, the professionals can help! Just know what type of design you would like on your box and we’ll work with you to create something that will make your product look amazing. Packing a large item in the box? The custom packaging companies offer corrugated padding as an extra service for our customers who need more protection than what our standard cardboard offers.

The options of ordering online or having it done offline

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box when it comes to advertising your cardboard boxes. You can attract new customers by making sure they know you’re different than your competitors. Marketing strategies include social media and many other tricks. So, you can choose the best tricks and advertise your product or business in a short span.

  1. Putting up posters in high-traffic areas.
  2. Purchasing billboard. Buying newspaper ads.
  3. Utilizing QR codes that people scan with their phones.

How should you advertise your boxes?

Advertising your brand or the business can be tricky. You want to make sure that your advertising methods are affordable but still effective. Here are some ways that you can market and advertise your custom cardboard containers.

Post pictures of your boxes on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., and mention how they’re available for purchase. Encourage people who like what they see to tag a friend who might be interested in buying a box too.

Start selling online

If you’re already selling other products on an ecommerce site, then it’s possible for you to sell custom cardboard boxes there too! It will take more time to set up than the rest of these suggestions, but the end result will likely pay off if you have a lot of customers.

Advertise at a trade show

These shows allow businesses from all different industries to come together and exchange information about their services or products. At these events, it may be worth showing off your customized boxes with advertisements for your business on them. Just make sure that when you choose this option, the trade show is related to something that aligns with what you do.


In conclusion, custom cardboard can be a key component in your company’s branding and marketing strategy. These three things will help you create something that reflects your company’s identity. Make sure you choose a shape that relates to your industry-there are many shapes available so it’s important to choose one that will get noticed. UV printing plays a key role in dressing up the product. So, not only does use Printing’s custom cardboard companies give you an edge over your competition with their durability but also because of how environmentally friendly these boards are!


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